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ULTRACUSHION is Nova Sports’ superior tennis court surface system. The shock absorbing qualities are achieved by applications of a base consisting of multiple coats of ULTRACUSHION with a special squeegee. ULTRACUSHION is a mixture of various sizes of EDPM rubber granules bound with an especially elastic acrylic blend. This application cures as a rubber filled acrylic base mat that builds thickness of the cushion surface. Two or three coats of COMBINATION SURFACE are applied over the cushion surface. This color application will create a uniform texture and attractive color finish without decreasing the comfort of the entire system. ULTRACUSHION tennis courts are easy on tennis players. The surface has the ability to absorb the shock of impact and will return the energy absorbed by the tennis ball. Players have reported that they are less fatigued after playing on ULTRACUSHION.

ULTRACUSHION is recommended for both outdoor and indoor courts. The Wearing surface is the same non-fading, high performance coating as all the other NOVACRYLIC tennis court surfacing systems.

Older players will appreciate the comfort of this surface. Shin splint injuries are reduced by the shock absorbing qualities and it provides sure footing, yet is not “sticky” and will not grab the tennis shoe. We are able to provide a lot of texture without being abrasive. Tennis balls and shoes will last longer on ULTRACUSHION than on other all-weather surfaces.


2 parts ULTRACUSHION to 1 part water


0.075 - 0.1125 gallons per sq. yd., per coat
80 - 120 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat


Minimum 2 coats ULTRACUSHION, minimum 3 coats NOVACUSHION,


5 gallon pail, 30 Gallon Drum


10.6 lbs per gallon

Minimum Application Temperature is 50°F and rising.

Application is with either Model #2025 grooved ASG neoprene rubber squeegee
or with approved cushion spray pump.

Ultracushion is not hazardous* and is free of lead, mercury, asbestos and formaldehyde.

* According to standards in place at the time this document was created, this product is rated non-hazardous

Protect From HeatDo Not Freeze


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