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Novalevel is an acrylic paste that is designed for patching and correcting defects in asphalt tennis courts and other pavements. Novalevel is easy to use. This acrylic court repair material is supplied in a ready-to-use paste form. It has the consistency of mortar. Because of the high solids content, Novalevel is extremely resistant to shrinkage. The combination of binders, fillers, and high grade acrylic emulsion used in this formula, make it an ideal product to use for correcting defects such as birdbaths, minor cracks and gouges in tennis court surfaces. Repairing deep depressions requires multiple applications of Novalevel, not to exceed 3/16” per application.

Place Novalevel directly in the depression. Use a straight edge or squeegee and spread the Novalevel across the depression so it completely fills the depression and meets the level of the adjacent surface. After the patch has taken the initial set, sprinkle a small amount of water over the patch and smooth with a trowel or broom. Using a damp brush, similar to a whitewash brush, gently brush the edges and feather the material into the adjacent surface.

Allow Novalevel to dry a minimum of 24-hours prior to application of Novacrylic surface coating.

Minor gouges such as racket dings may be repaired merely by placing the Novalevel into the depression with a putty knife and smoothing it over. After it has begun to set, brushing with a damp brush will help to blend the patch into the adjacent surface.


Use Novalevel undiluted


Varies depending on depth and width of area to be repaired


Minimum 24 hours


Black, Grass Green, Nova Green, Red


5 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum


14 lbs per gallon

Minimum Application Temperature is 50°F and rising.

Repairing deep depressions requires multiple applications of Novalevel, not to exceed 3/16” per application.

NOVALEVEL is not hazardous* and is free of lead, mercury, asbestos and formaldehyde.

* According to standards in place at the time this document was created, this product is rated non-hazardous

Protect From HeatDo Not Freeze


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