Pete and Kevin Smith from the CourtSmith's,Toledo Ohio.

Congratulations to The CourtSmith's for winning the
USTC & TBA's 1998 Outstanding Tennis Facilities Award.
The CourtSmith's won the award with the Port Clinton High School,
8 tennis court project in Port Clinton, Ohio. This project was
surfaced with Novacrylic Combination Surface.


At the last USTC & TBA technical meeting there was some discussion regarding spray application of cushion coats. It seems to be a method that has considerable merit. Nova Sports is in the process of arranging with an equipment supplier who will be able to offer attractive pricing on quality spray application equipment. They will also be in a position to provide support.



When I first became interested in athletic surfaces, I noticed that most surface coating failures involved asphalt emulsion resurfacers. That was over 25 years ago. At that time, these products were better than they are now.

The best feature of asphalt emulsion resurfacers are the low price. In every other way they are an invitation to failure.

Asphalt emulsions will oxidize over a period of time and lose adhesion to the substrate. It's not a question of whether this will occur, but when?

Asphalt emulsion resurfacers are always water sensitive. When wet they will sometimes actually dissolve and cause the coatings that are over them to lose adhesion, wrinkle and blister. The only correction at that time is to strip the surface of all coatings and apply all new surface materials.

I believe that all of the suppliers of high quality acrylic sports surfacing systems agree that asphalt emulsion resurfacers are old technology and are not reliable. To this day, the majority of surface failure that we see are asphalt emulsion related. Anyone using them under our system does so at their own risk!



Nova Sports stocks several types of squeegees. We do this as a service to our customers. There is no squeegee that is best for every applicator. It is a very personal tool and one should use the style that is most comfortable and does a proper job of smoothing and spreading the coating.

Nova Sports' most popular squeegee is 30 inches wide and comes complete with a magnesium handle and handle braces.

We like 30 inches because that width does not span some depressions and encourages more passes over the same surface area.

Nova Sports inventory sizes from 24 inches to 48 inches in several styles. Our intention has been to create a catalog sheet that shows the accessories we stock. In the interim, call us if you have any interest.



Nova Sports produces the best acrylic sport surface materials. Also, we recognize that there are other good products available from our competition. The area where Nova Sports distinguishes ourselves is in the superior level of service we provide.

It's our goal to be able to ship orders for stock items by the day after receiving an order.

Many times we ship the same day if a truck is available. To be able to perform at this level, Nova Sports maintains a large inventory of finished product. Nova Sports is producing coatings during the winter to build inventory for spring shipments. We feel confident that Nova Sports will be able to accomplish our performance goal and continue to render the highest level of service in our industry.



This is the second time I am writing this column. The first time was a month ago. Something happened which caused the first attempt to vanish. Oh! the challenge of all this new technology! I hope I survive this attempt.

There are many things happening here at Nova Sports headquarters. A new computer network is being installed along with new manufacturing and accounting software. I'm sure we will have quite a bit confusion during the transition as we are getting up to speed with our new tools. Another change which we see as positive is that the plant manager position has been eliminated. The new position of "Shipper/Receiver" and "Production Coordinator" should enable us to be more efficient and provide better service. Jeff, as "General Manager", is responsible for the overall production and delivery of our products.

In 1998 Nova Sports experienced a huge increase in sales. Our usual high level of service did not meet our own stringent expectations because the increase took us a bit by surprise. With the above steps, we feel confident that Nova Sports will continue to grow and provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere. Nova Sports will do this without sacrificing the quality of our Novacrylic coatings in any way. Nova Sports is dedicated to supplying the finest acrylic sport surfacing materials available anywhere in the world. I believe we are achieving this goal. We do not expect to be the largest company in this industry, but we plan to continue to be the best in the business, in the quality of both Nova Sports service and products.

Nova Sports is doing all that is possible to hold our prices at the current level. This will be the third year without any general increase.

Over the years Nova Sports has supplied a rubber filled surface for running tracks. It has been used for new work as well as renewing asphalt, sand filled asphalt, and latex running tracks. We've made this track coating in black and colors. The comments about this material have been very positive. Our plan is to develop some promotional materials and market this product as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are interested in our rubber filled surface, please call Nova Sports at 1-800-872-6682, and we'll be happy to give you a price quote. We know we have a superior product that your clients will enjoy playing on.

All of us thank you for your part in enabling Nova Sports USA to grow at such a steady rapid rate. Your loyalty and appreciation of quality materials is appreciated.

Best wishes for a successful and profitable 1999



The International Tennis Federation is the governing body of tennis worldwide. All regulations that they establish must be followed by national federations in order for tennis tournaments to be sanctioned by the ITF. The USTA is the United States branch of the ITF. They must follow the regulations established by the international body.

Recently, ITF took the approval of tennis balls away from the USTA. They are working on a testing program for tennis court surfaces. This has the potential to impact all of us in the tennis court industry.

Since this is such an important subject, Nova Sports has joined the International Tennis Federation Foundation. We have done this so we may be informed. Also, we want to have input in any decisions that may come from ITF regarding tennis court surfaces.

We shall continue to inform you of any important events.



USTC & TBA has a committee to work with the USTA and ITF on the testing of Athletic surfaces. Surface testing is the subject of one of the seminars at the USTC & TBA Winter meeting at St. Petersburg, Florida in March. Nova Sports will attend that meeting.


Some testing was done in Florida during December. So far there are no results. I've been told that NASA has been involved in some testing that has shown some interesting changes in tennis ball reaction on different surface textures. High speed cameras which would not be affordable to use on any regular basis, but could be helpful in establishing some meaningful test procedures were used.

Members of Nova Sports attended a meeting of I.T.F. the day before Super Show in Atlanta. It was very interesting. They talked about a two year test of a 7% larger tennis ball for use on grass and artificial turf. This is expected to slow down the ball bounce by some milliseconds and make the game more enjoyable to tennis fans.

The impact on tennis ball manufacturing is not important enough to make them change their decision. Also they are talking about a new tennis ball for clay. This is to speed up the game.

It is important to be aware that there is no standard for court surfaces at present.

The I.T.F. proposal is to create categories. The latest proposal is as follows:

Surface Type Pace rating Category
SLOW(CLAY) 0 - 30 1

There does not seem to be a problem with these categories, but the test methods are still to be finalized. The good news is Nova Sports sent Combination Surface and Ultracushion samples to the Centre for Sports Technology in England to be tested. They are the laboratory that has been working with the I.T.F. to develop the standards. The results show the Combination Surface scored I.T.F. surface pace rating of 35 and Ultracushion scored 33. These are great scores for owners who desire medium slow speed of play. Again, it is important to note that no standards are in place at this time. We are merely trying to keep you and ourselves informed about this important issue.


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