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Recent visit to our world headquarters from Team Nova Vietnam.

Bottom left to right: Mr. Sony Nguyen, President of Charms Company and Mr. Truong Binh Son, Director of Anson Co., Ltd. Hanoi, Vietnam

Top left to right: Mr. Ben Righter, Bill Righter, and Rob Righter

The opinion and advice of my friends I receive at all times as a proof of their friendship and am thankful when they are offered.
George Washington, 1732-1799 First President of the United States Letter to Robert R. Livingston, June 29, 1780


One thing we have noticed over the years, when we have an attractive female salesperson visiting Rob, we wonder, what did we just order? This time itís 3M Paintersí Grade 1" masking tape.

Now, for your convenience we will be offering this tape, in full cases for the low, low price of $84.00 (36 Rolls per case). This calculates to $2.33 per roll. A fantastic value.


Nova Sports U.S.A. has a home page on the World Wide Web that features pictures you send to us. Our site includes specifications for all Novacrylic systems, and can be found at:


  • Camelback Ski Resort, Tannersville, PA surfaced by Horizon Sports Group, Coopersburg, PA
  • Port Clinton High School, Toledo OH, surfaced by The Courtsmiths, Toledo, OH
  • Webb High School, Knoxville, TN surface by Empire Recreational Surfaces, Knoxville, TN



We have seen a great demand for acrylic track coatings over the last few years. Nova Sports provided a version of Novacushion using colored EDPM rubber and modified for track surfacing. Remarks were very favorable on the looks, performance and ease of application of this new track coating. Some ideas that would improve the surface resulted from this experience. We took these ideas to our lab and now believe we have the best 100% acrylic colored track surfaces available anywhere.

Novatrack may be used on New Asphalt or over existing color surfaces including Latex and S.A.R. Tracks. Novatrack is a high pigmented 100% acrylic polymer filled with colored EDPM rubber.

Olympic High School, Charlotte, NC surfaced with Novatrack 100% Acrylic Colored Track Surface. Completed by: Empire Recreational Surfaces and Howard B. Jones & Son.

Novatrack is concentrated. The colors available are Red, Blue, Green, and Black. Packaging will be 30-gallon drums. Application shall be done with either a squeegee or spray apparatus capable of spraying rubber filled granules suspended in acrylic binder. Suggested application shall be 3 coats Novatrack.


To obtain fence signs, new brochures,
or any other marketing tools available,
please call Rob.


Nova Sports spent a lot of time evaluating various versions of plastic drums over the last few years. We finally found a drum that was very positively accepted by our customers. At first we used blue plastic drums. This drum manufacturer has a patent on the footprint of that drum. That feature is the one that made the drum most acceptable to our customers. As time progressed, we asked if they could produce the same drum using white plastic. They did some research and agreed that if Nova would contract for a specific quantity. We did. Things were just too good! Last month the drum producer informed us that he could not provide white drums for a short period. We agreed to accept some blue ones for a while. Jeff spent considerable time searching for a drum company that could supply us with white plastic drums. He finally found a Canadian supplier. We evaluated that drum and although it was not quite as desirable as our standard, we felt it would work as a back up. A commitment was made for 3 loads. Production was to begin on July 26. On the 22nd we got a call from our regular supplier. He said he could produce some white drums today. So you may not see any change in our drums other than the blue ones we have been forced to use for a while.

Itís a sad commentary on what is happening in business today. The reason we could not get the drums we needed is because the producer can not get the manpower to operate his plant at full capacity. They have three production lines and are only able to run two. Seems like we are all in a similar situation.

In any event, Thanks for your cooperation and loyalty.


By Steven Midttun

Team Nova Ecuador, AM Imports sent photos of three of the most recent professional
tournaments in Ecuador played on Nova Combination Surface.

The first two pictures are of the Davis Cup match against Argentina.
This took place at the Salinas Golf and Country Club in Salinas, the top beach resort in the country.
Ecuador won this important match by a score of 3 to 2.

Representing Ecuador:

Andres Gomez, currently retired from the ATP tour, (but is a top ranked player in the Nivea Tour which is a masters tournament) Andres was once 3rd in the world ATP ranking. He was the French Open Champion defeating Andre Agassi.


Nicholas Lapentti. Currently in the top 30 in the world. Nicholas made it to the semi finals in Australian Open and has had other top ten finishes this year. The critics claim that Mr. Lapentti has a very good chance to make the top 10 with a strong finish in the next two Grand Slam tournaments. Keep a close eye on this guy.

This picture is also from Salinas and is of the ATP Challenger that took place at the Salinas Yacht Club. Rated one of the top yacht clubs in South America. This was the third year of this tournament. It has grown in popularity and in prize money, creating a stronger draw each year.


Well, I said we had taken steps to ensure prompt shipping of orders. We did do that. Nova built the biggest inventory of finished product in the history of our company. Our projections were for a continued growth similar to the previous years. We really missed on our projections. The increase in orders has taken us completely by surprise. Novaís order backlog is much greater than we could have predicted. Your cooperation during the time we must play "catch-up" is really appreciated. Steps are being taken to prevent a repeat of our less than standard delivery times.

Iím not enjoying the sales increase as long as customers are not getting the level of service, which we strive to provide. Itís obvious that the tennis court construction business is healthy and for whatever reason Nova Sports share is increasing quickly. Thanks for your loyalty to Nova.

Ruth and I are have been in London attending the ITF meeting regarding court surfaces.

The ITF Technical Committee has decided to rank tennis court surfaces by pace. They have determined a pace rating by using a machine that fires tennis balls from a cannon at the surface. The apparatus measures the speed and angle of the ball before and after impacting the surface. Based upon readings from the procedure, they assign a pace rating to that surface. The rating is determined by averaging several shots at the surface.

Test results have been used by the ITF to establish 3 surface categories. These are as follows:

Category 1: SLOW (clay, unbound materials) ITF Surface Pace Rating 0 to 30

Category 2: MEDIUM (hard courts such as acrylic surfaces) ITF Surface Pace Rating 30 to 45

Category 3: FAST (grass, artificial turf, textiles, etc.) ITF Surface Pace Rating 45+

For the time being, they are delaying other tests such as shock absorption because there is no agreement on a procedure. It is obvious that they shall be adding other tests as time goes by. These are likely to impact surface contractors and manufacturers.

These categories make sense on paper, but the impacts on the tennis court builder are frightening. The testing is still in a trial stage as it has been for the last few years, but contractors in England have already experienced specs that are calling for a pace number.

One question is, when the court is tested and does not meet the pace rating, who pays to do it over and retest?

ITF is inviting surface manufacturers to submit samples of surface for testing. These tests will result in ITFís listing that brand on an official list.

The ITF Technical Committee also have asked for a change in the "Rules of Tennis" to allow for changes in tennis balls.

They have approved a larger ball for use on Category 3 grass courts slow down the game. A harder ball is planned for use on Category 1 courts to speed up the game. Acrylic courts will use the current tennis balls.

My guess based on what I have observed is that the ITF has plans to be the authority on tennis court construction and facilities. Itís important for all of us to be informed and express opinions to ITF. You may do this by contacting them directly or through USTA or USTCTBA. Both organizations have been working closely with ITF and plan to continue to contribute information and opinions and monitor the progress of the governing body of tennis.


We sent samples of Combination Surface and Ultra Cushion to Centre for Sports Technology, an ITF approved lab, for testing. Nova Sports USA wanted to learn where our products would fall in these rankings. The results were very pleasing. We had hoped to be on the slow end of the Medium category and received a pace rating for Ultracushion of 33 and for Combination Surface of 35. Both of these surfaces received ratings that placed us exactly where we wish to be. Copies of these test results are available on request.

The changes in "The Rules of Tennis" are planned to be implemented as of January 2000. Nova plans to have more testing done at that time.


Customers have been requesting a product to seal stains caused by oil spills on pavement. We have had some of this product packed in 1-quart containers. If you are interested, give us a call.

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