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“Nova Sports USA is committed to producing the highest quality products available anywhere, and providing customers the best possible service.”

 -Ben Righter, President, Nova Sports USA

Left to Right: Rob Righter, Nova Sports, and Dave Marsden, Boston Tennis, bumped into each other in London at Wimbledon this July. (Do you think one called the other to see what he was wearing?)


Scott Ramsey recently joined Team Nova as Plant Foreman.

Scott spent six years as a Squad Leader with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and received numerous medals and commendations.  He has an Associates degree in business and most recently worked at Live Volt Corp. as Operations Specialist.

Welcome Aboard!


Left to Right: Scott Ramsey, Jeff Righter

Seen at left: Tony Bevec, of A.G. Bevec, located in Canonsburg, PA, applies the second coat of Novasurface at Scott Township in PA.

Pictured at right is a recent project featuring 12 Novacushion courts at St. James School Tennis Center, St. James, MD, completed by Skip Fielden and his Team at Metropolitan Tennis, Hagerstown, MD.  This photo can also be seen on our website as July’s Photo of the Month!


  • Ayres Bradford, No Fault Tennis & Track, Baton Rouge, LA, suggests inviting local tennis pros to watch as you spray a cushion tennis court.  Then, invite them back to play on the new Novacrylic surface!

  • Rinse your drums shortly after emptying.  Save the water and keep colors separate.  Use the recycled water to mix your next drum of that color.  If you’re unable to keep like colors separate and the water becomes brown, you can use it to mix with your Novasurface.  (If you need to store this water in extremely hot weather, add a touch of bleach.)

  • If something is missing or arrives damaged, please make sure that you sign for it short or damaged on the proof of delivery. Save your copy—you may need it.  Otherwise, we have no recourse.

Your Tech Tips are always welcome!


Rob was in London last month for two meetings at ITF Headquarters regarding the future of tennis and a working session regarding tennis court surfaces.  Here are the highlights of Rob’s notes:

Tennis is growing!  Global participation in tennis is expected to grow 2% to 3% this year, according to Sports Marketing Surveys.  This study is the largest independent marketing research project ever conducted and is funded solely by ITF Foundation Members.  Nova Sports USA is a supporting member of ITF Foundation.

Bigger Ball Pro Tested, But May Be Dead!  ITF is tournament-testing the bigger tennis ball with Davis Cup players.  They have found the ball to be more visible, with average control.  Players’ impression of the larger ball may be a combination of coefficient of restitution and contact time.  ITF also has a test to quantify the feelings.  Davis Cup players feel the advantages of the bigger ball outweigh the disadvantages.  More players preferred the larger ball and could play longer with less fatigue.  Players seem to perceive that playing with the big ball lowers exertion.

Several tennis ball manufacturers have invested millions of dollars in marketing and manufacturing the new ball with the hope ITF will change the rules of tennis and mandate usage on grass courts.  Big ball sales have been in the doghouse and are so bad that they may stop production.

At this point, the ball manufacturers are asking ITF to pressure organizers of Wimbledon to use the big ball.  If the big ball is used at a major tournament, they will have a better chance of marketing the ball.  ITF is still testing the ball and is not ready to change the rules to mandate usage.  They can only recommend usage until the approval process has finished.  When, and if, the ball is approved, there may be no balls available.

ITF Foundation Adopts Haines Pendulum For Simple Pace Test.  The Haines Pendulum is a simple, easy-to-use device that measures linear friction and simulates a tennis ball coming off a racquet.  This machine has a scale that measures surface pace and simulates but does not replace the official SESTEE machine.  There has been some press over the past few months regarding the TORTUS machine.  The TORTUS also measures linear friction and was tested by ITF, and found not to have a predictable trend line measuring COF vs. Surface Pace.


We’re pleased to introduce the popular Guide To Quality All Weather Sport Surfaces now on CD!  Some of the helpful tools you’ll find on this CD include guide specifications, MSDS sheets, yield charts, brochures, 2001 Accessories Catalog and much, much more!  Give us a call to request your copy today!

We’ll customize this CD for you and send it to your local landscape architects.  Simply provide us with a listing in your area!


We’re well into summer now and I’m pleased to report that the many moving-related horror shows, you couldn’t imagine nor plan, seem to be behind us and Nova Sports is operating the way we had hoped we would!

I just have to be extremely proud of our new facility. The production equipment is running smoothly and we are producing more Novacrylic products than ever before. With all of the manufacturing problems resulting from moving and addition of new equipment, we still managed to ship more material during the past three months than any other time in our history, thanks to all of our customers. We are grateful for both your orders and your patience. Some of you waited too long for shipments. I know we stretched many of you to the limit. Your cooperation is gratefully appreciated.

Jeff spent the last six months under extreme pressure, dealing with contractors, equipment suppliers, riggers, and other trades that we depended on to get us up and running. He also had to deal with Rob, Bill, and myself putting more pressure on him to lessen the wait. He stood up to all of these situations and has delivered the best possible acrylic sports coatings manufacturing facility anywhere.  Jeff, thanks for a great job. It was worth all of the sweat and stress.

All of the staff at Nova Sports gets my appreciative thanks for performing so well under the difficult environment during the move and set up. Hats off to all of you.

This summer, we have three generations of Righters working at Nova Sports. Two of my grandsons are working in production as summer help. Rob’s son Jake is here till he leaves for University of Iowa and Bill’s son Greg is here until Carver High School football practice starts. They have been a big help and it has been nice having them here. By the way, neither of them thinks working here is a great way to spend the summer.

I get the impression that the economy does not seem to have any adverse impact on the sport surfacing industry. All of our customers seem to be enjoying a busy year.

Hope you are having a superb summer.

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