"Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I recall that piece of knowledge and use it better."

Mark Van Doren


Dave Marsden, Bruce Mahler from Boston Tennis Court Construction,
accepting award from Elaine Flagherty USTC&TBA awards committee.



David Clapp, Will Ferguson from Empire Recreational Surfaces,
accepting award from Elaine Flagherty USTC&TBA awards committee.

Congratulations to Boston Tennis Courts and Empire Recreational Surfaces for winning the USTC&TBAís 1997 Outstanding Tennis Facilities Award. Boston Tennis submitted a private tennis court . Empire Recreational Surfaces won with the Tellico Village Properties Owners Associations tennis courts . Both projects were surfaced with Novacrylic Sports Surfaces.

Copa Guatemala Tournament

Novacrylic Ultracushion will be used on the staduim court for the Copa Guatemala Tournament finals. "This tournament will take place at one of the best and most prestigious clubs of Guatemala.", acording to Dr. Adolpho Gomez, President of Fitos, S.A. . The Copa Guatemala Tournament is where tennis clubs in Guatemala compete for the countries championship cup.



Our goal has always been to provide the best products at the highest level of service. We have fallen down on the level of service in the past few months. Thought we owe you a big thank you for bearing with us during this period. Also, you deserve an explanation.

Last summer, we signed a purchase agreement on an old mill building. We planned to construct an incredible production facility within this complex. As we got deeper and deeper into that project, we got surprise after surprise. Such as the floor load would not support the desired production equipment. The elevator was going to cost at least $80,000 to get up to code and on and on. In December we decided to back out of the purchase. This left us in a situation where we had run down our inventory to simplify a move. Mixing equipment had been dismantled and sent to the Midwest for upgrading. This project took double the time we expected. Our production capacity had been reduced, but we felt it was adequate for our first quarter requirements. As you know, the weather was bad worldwide in the first quarter and our orders were down. When the weather improved, we got orders that were simply overwhelming. It has been stressful, but our staff has responded by working more shifts. When our new equipment finally got operating, our capacity increased. Nova Sports renewed our lease at the existing site and have expanded into some recently available space.

We think we can see the light at the end of the backlog tunnel. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, we shall be able to perform up to our usual standard.

Thanks again for your understanding and cooperation. With all of this going on our sales have been increasing. We just finished the biggest sales volume month in the history of the company. Hope our situation has not put too much strain on your operation. All of us appreciate your business and tolerance.




The International Tennis Federation, governing body of tennis worldwide, has a program to establish performance standards for tennis court surfaces. This is expected to be a five year project. The USTC&TBA and USTA are involved in monitoring and contributing to this project. Initial performance standards were done in June 1997. These are strictly for the purpose of establishing some permanent standards in the future. It is important to realize that at this time the standards are not official.

It is expected that the testing, when and if it is finalized, will be done on installed surfaces at actual projects and these projects will be certified. Nova Sports has been monitoring this program and will try to keep you informed. We applied samples of our Ultracushion and Combination Surface to plywood and had them tested by C.S.T ( Centre for Sports Technology ). They are the testing laboratory doing the work for I.T.F. We wanted to know how our surfaces may test if they were on a facility and were tested according to the initial standards. The results that came back from the lab in England states that both samples test results are within the ITF's preferred ranges.

If you wish a copy of the test certificate, contact us and we shall provide a copy. Also, if you have questions, we shall try to answer them. The situation is still cloudy, but we should all stay on top of what is happening. It may have a large impact on some tennis court construction projects in the future.



Novacrylic sport surfaces are now available in Vietnam. Thanks to Mr. Sony Nguyen, President of Charmís Company.

Recently we visited Vietnam to meet with Mr. Nguyen and were very impressed by his high quality work. Team Nova Vietnam has completed many projects including Ultracushion for tennis and volleyball. This is a highly dedicated team. They are working extremely hard under very tough working conditions. Great Job!

Team Nova Vietnam inaugurating their first tennis court at Hotay Villa, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Front row left to right: Mr. Sony Nguyen, President of Charmís Company, Rob Righter, Bill Righter,
Mr. Le Thang Loi, Vice Director Sportap. Back Row: Team Nova Vietnam, visiting beautiful Ha Long Bay.



Calls have been flooding our office regarding maintaining a tennis court. Here are a few basic tips to follow:

1. Kill the mildew before it kills you. Mixing 1 cup HTH with 1 gallon of water and 2 tablespoons liquid dishwasing detergent. Apply with a stiff broom or brush. Let stand for twenty minutes and rinse well.

2. Keeping the court clean will prevent premature wear. Playing on a dirty tennis court is simmilar to sanding your floor. The dirt will act as sandpaper and wear down the surface fast. Not to mention the potential hazzard of slipping.

3. Repair hairline cracks as soon as they appear. The Novacaulk system will seal hairline cracks and hopefully extend the life of that repair. If you wait, the hairline crack will grow to be a major crack.

4. Keep players off the court with black soled shoes. Fence signs are available stating "tennis sneakers with white soles only", please call Rob for details. If you have black sole marks, you can try washing with a mild solution of water and liquid dishwashing detergent using a stiff nylon brush. Do not use a rag, it will make the surface slick.


I was beginning to think that we should get out of coating manufacturing and learn to construct arks. So far, we have had one good day in a row. However, it is becoming warmer and with Daylight Saving Time it's starting to feel like Spring.

In our part of the world the Spring flowers are blooming earlier and everything is nice and green and pretty.

Prices of raw materials have been fairly stable. Acrylic emulsion has increased by approximately 3% as have several other ingredients. We've made a decision to absorb these increases in the hope that our customers will be more competitive and we shall be able to compensate by increased sales. All of us are dedicating ourselves to this task. Hopefully we shall succeed.

You should stay abreast with the I.T.F. testing evaluation which is ongoing. They are working on perfecting testing procedures. None of the standards established so far are supposed to be operative. However, we have run across some cases where they asked for I.T.F. approval. We have submitted two samples for testing. Both of them were within the "approved" ranges. The situation is cloudy and confused. The United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association is working with I.T.F. and is sending delegates to their meeting for the purpose of protecting the U.S. tennis court contractors and suppliers. If you have any questions regarding the testing, give me a call and I'll try to clarify, most likely confuse, the program .

The plastic drum saga continues. When we began Nova Sports our choice was to use a custom made weather-pak white drum. Other than attractiveness, we chose white because it reflects heat away from the drum. This adds some protection to the product. In a couple of cases we learned that material had been very hot when stored for extended periods in direct sunlight. Even though some of our competition use black drums, we feel that Nova must go a step beyond whenever possible. At this time, all plastic drums used here are custom made white ones. A new tougher sleeve carries all the label identification and I feel makes a very attractive package. As with the other plastic drums, there should be no problem disposing of empty drums. There are so many good uses for these containers. We are also working with a possible program for recycling. As this develops, we shall keep you informed.

Thanks for your past business. We appreciate it and promise to work hard to continue to grow together with our customers. Please let us know of any suggestions that would improve our service to you.

Have a great tennis court construction and surfacing year.



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