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Pictured at left is Joe Stevenston from Horizon Sports Group, Coopersburg, PA

Novatrack Goes to Mesa

Kawel Track & Tennis Co., located in Iowa, is a third generation construction business, started in 1936.  They expanded to include athletic surfacing in 1964.

Kawel has had a standing maintenance contract with the school district in Mesa, Arizona, since 1985.  So when the Dobson High School needed their track resurfaced, the school district called Kawel.

This was the first colored track Kawel had done in Arizona, where tracks are primarily black.  The school district received a donation, allowing it to be resurfaced with color!  The only problem was...the decision to change the color wasn't made until Kawel was on site, which meant Nova had to manufacture the materials and ship them across country in a matter of days--not a problem!

The track consisted of nine lanes.  The three-coat application took two and one-half days to complete.  They opted for the spraying method, using a sprayer, truck driver and two board-holders to control the over-spray.

It was resurfaced to a brilliant blue, which the customers were thrilled with!


This past January, Nova's exclusive distributor in Poland, Tamex, attended the BUDMA 2001 fair, which took place in Poznan.  (A special thanks to Artur Sobecki for sending us the photos!)  Tamex's exhibit included Nova samples, posters and catalogs.

Tamex is the main sponsor of the upcoming Polish Indoor Tennis Championships, which will take place this march in Warsaw.  The main goal of their sponsorship is to promote Novacrylic as the best surface for tennis courts!  Tamex uses the ITF certification as a selling tool.

Their efforts are noted and appreciated!


  • Before the new season begins, take an inventory of your tools.  If you need to purchase new squeegees, it is a good idea to squeegee over dry pavement for about ten minutes.  This helps to take the edge off and may reduce tool marks.

  • Our colored surfacing materials, like most things that involve color, may vary slightly in shade from batch to batch.  We try to minimize the variation by using the same color pigments all the time and exercising as tight controls over the quantity as possible.  You can prevent complaints because of color variation by: mixing all coatings thoroughly and using all of the same batch or same mix on the final coat.

If the above steps are taken, you should never have any color variation problems!


To purchase Novacrylic materials in California, please contact L&M Distribution, Inc., our exclusive distributor for the area.

L&M is approaching 20 years as the leading distributor of tennis court equipment and supplies.

Toll Free: 800-772-4078     Fax: 415-459-5569


We're all very excited about the upcoming move!  We'll now have double the manufacturing and inventory capability to expedite shipping.  Plus, the new location is more accessible and easy to find--just off Route 495.

We hope to be in our new location the last two weeks in March.

New Address:  6 Industrial Rd., Milford, MA  01757
Tel.: 508-473-6540
Toll Free:  800-USA-NOVA
Shipping:  508-473-4340
Fax:  508-473-4077


  • ITF Pace Ratings certificates
  • Novaplay II inline hockey booklet
  • 2001 Accessories catalog
  • Canadian Violet samples
  • Novatrack booklet
  • Tennis-only brochure


This past January, Daniel Thomas, Managing Director of Reni International Trading Co., (LLC), located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, visited Nova at our headquarters in Holliston, MA.  Reni is our exclusive distributor in the UAE and has offices in nine countries and authorized distributors in many others.  Left to right, Daniel Thomas and Ben Righter.


A special thanks to all of you for sending in your 2000 Contractor Referral form with some fantastic photos!  Watch for your work to be showcased in a new ad, which will run in an upcoming issue of Tennis Industry magazine!


We just returned from the Super Show in Las Vegas.  It had been held in Atlanta since it began. They are planning to have it in Vegas for two more years and on to Orlando in 2004.

It seemed attendance was down from previous shows. I’m not sure why we didn’t get the traffic that was expected. Perhaps it was the location or maybe interest in shows, in general, is down. To me, Super Show is the season kick-off. It came earlier this year and yet we’ve had the best January sales in Nova’s history. All signs point to another great surfacing year.

The next stop for us is the USTC&TBA Winter Meeting at Hutchinson’s Island, Florida. After that, we will be cranking out as much of those great Novacrylic products as possible.

Nova is relocating its facility to a new building, nearing completion in Milford, MA. We will have more space for both production and warehousing. The new plant is just off Route 495 and close to the Mass Turnpike. This will make us more accessible to trucking. New production equipment has been ordered. We should be producing at maximum efficiency in the is new plant. Hopefully we will be up and running in March. We are producing full blast now to build extra inventory, so delivery of Novacrylic materials can be done without interruption. Thanks in advance for helping us work through the transition.

Last night I watched a Johnson’s Wax commercial. What impresses me is  they promote the fact that Johnson’s Wax is a family business—as is Nova Sports. Recently, a customer told me that a competitor was using the family business as a negative feature of our company. I think of it as a huge advantage. When a customer needs an answer, all of us, Rob, Bill, Jeff and I, can speak with authority. Also, all of us really care about the company and our relations with you. The rest of Nova staff are like extended family and do their jobs as if it was their company. Who could ask for more?  I am delighted with the way we are going.

With some of the worst weather for construction ever, 2000 was Nova Sports best year yet. We will never know how much better it could have been with normal weather. It could not happen without your support! Thanks again.


Please let us know how we may respond to your needs. You can depend on us doing our best to help. One of our principals is, it must be good for you if it’s going to be good for us.

Nova Sports U.S.A.
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tel. 1-800-USA-NOVA,
tel. 508-473-6540,
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