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Austin, seen at left, is sporting his Nova attire.  He and his pal, Barnes, are guaranteed a treat from their master, Fred Manchester of Howard B. Jones & Son.


The Marketing Department has some exciting projects in the works…

Accessory Catalog: Coming in July, an all-new, all-inclusive accessory catalog outlining over 40 useful and sometimes hard-to-find accessories such as the all-new Cushion Spray Pump.  Squeegees, nets and center straps, to name a few, are conveniently available in a variety of sizes.  When your job calls for the most precise, professional court lines—straight or curved—try the Straightliner Plus masking tape applicator, which can be used on almost any surface! To request a copy, call, e-mail or send your name, company name, mailing address and telephone number to Kristin Torres, Marketing Assistant, at the address found on the back of this newsletter.

Tennis Brochure: Now available, a Nova brochure focusing primarily on tennis!

New Marketing Assistant Kristin Torres has recently joined the Nova Team.  Give her a call when you place your next order!  Also, if you have any suggestions or story ideas for upcoming editions of Nova News, send them to her attention.

On a more personal note, Kristin is planning a wedding this August and a honeymoon in paradise...10 days in Hawaii!  Aloha!


In 1994, Thomas Hinding became owner of Hinding Sealcoating, founded in 1976 by Steve Hinding.  Hinding provides high quality recreational surfacing to homeowners, clubs and universities throughout southern New England.

Tom Hinding [pictured on the far left with Robert Righter, Director of Marketing at Nova Sports USA] graduated from Dean College in 1988 with a degree in Liberal Arts.  While attending Dean College, Tom worked for his brother’s company in driveway sealcoating.  He was a salesman during the off-season and an installer during the summer.

Recently, the Marketing Team at Nova Sports USA had the opportunity to visit Tom Hinding and his crew on a jobsite.  [Seen here, part of the Hinding Team hard at work.]

John Jackson, Athletic Director at Dean College was working with John Izzo, owner of the Franklin Club, to obtain three bids for the job.  The Franklin Club runs a Tennis Camp at Dean College and was the exclusive source of funding.  The three bids were collected and Hinding Sealcoating was awarded the contract for eight tennis courts using Nova Combination Surface.

Old teachers heard of Tom’s return and stopped by to say hello.  And what better man for the job, since Hinding had resurfaced the courts seven years before!

Determining the man for the job was an easy task.  It all boiled down to Quality.  Izzo, no stranger to Nova products, had his courts at the Franklin Club surfaced with Nova and insisted upon the best for Dean College.

Tom [seen here applying the fence sign at Dean College] wanted to give something in return to the school that got him started, so Hinding donated part of the cost back to Dean College!

Nova wanted to know what advice Tom Hinding has for contractors new to the business.  Simple. Work alongside an experienced contractor who will show you the ropes and teach you the many incidentals it takes to do a job well.

Work is abundant this season, according to Hinding, but there’s one job in particular he is looking forward to: The Tennis Hall of Fame in Rhode Island, which he and his crew will tackle this summer.  Perhaps this job will rank amongst the most noteable, along with Katherine Hepburn’s!


Coach K’s Court at the Duke Medical Center.  Installed by Oehler Court Co., Durham, NC.

Novaplay was the surface of choice for it’s tough acrylic polymer, great texture and wide range of colors.

Tom Brokaw, NBC Anchorman, was the guest speaker in the dedication ceremony of Duke Medical Center’s Children’s Health Center in North Carolina.


Robert Righter, Director of Marketing at Nova Sports USA, will be attending the ITF Technical Meeting to be held in London July 3rd.

Some of the topics for discussion include ITF Classification Scheme for pace of tennis court surfaces, updates on the research into testing methods and criteria such as shock absorption and friction measurement, and tolerance on tennis court dimensions within the Rules of Tennis.

Nova Sports USA will be sure and relay any information of interest to you.

As an added bonus, Rob has two tickets for Wimbledon, not bad for his first trip to London!


Tim McGeer recently joined the Nova Team as  Plant Supervisor.  Tim graduated from UMASS in ’92 and did some graduate work at the University of North Carolina.

Tim is an avid runner and plans to be married this October! Congratulations!


Kristine Mirra joined Team Nova in February as Administrative Assistant. Generally, hers is the first voice you hear when calling us at Nova Sports.  Kristine is a huge fan of Jeff Gordon and frequently attends the races with her husband!


All of us at Nova Sports are hung up on quality. It seems as though a lot of our customers appreciate top quality, especially when you do not have to pay a premium for excellence. Just last week a customer relayed this story to Rob…

A competitor convinced him to buy some acrylic resurfacer at a price much lower than Nova’s; but when he was done it actually cost him more. He used 50% more of  “Brand X” than he had been using of Novasurface. This makes us feel good.

Nova went from 1997 till this spring without price increases. Midway through last year, we began to realize price increases from our suppliers. The cost of containers increased dramatically along with most ingredients. Rohm & Haas increased prices by 5% on acrylic emulsions the first of January.  We raised our prices 3% and held the old prices until April 17th. Rohm & Haas then announced another increase as of July 1. I thought this might be an error. When I asked, the reply was that feed stock prices were out of control. We use Rohm & Hass acrylics exclusively. They are recognized as the highest quality and industry leader worldwide.

We keep getting reports that competition is actually cutting prices to some selected contractors. From our point of view, this seems to reflect that they may be revising their formulations to lower costs or it is simply predatory pricing. Nova Sports has no intention of responding or taking any steps to lower its quality for the purpose of reducing prices. It has been our policy to hold prices constant during the peak construction season. We shall continue this policy and maintain our same quality standards. Hopefully we’ll find some areas where we can reduce costs and still remain profitable.

There is nothing new to report on the surface-testing situation. Nova will soon be listed as an

ITF approved surface. Rob will be attending the meeting in London on July 3rd. We will be sure to report any news that may be of interest when he returns.

All of us appreciate your support. Without it we could not continue the increased level of growth that we are enjoying. Thanks.

In order to provide a high level of service, we inventoried a large quantity of finished material in a Rhode Island warehouse. This provided a cushion that has been a big help over the last month or so. It’s all gone now. With any luck we will be able to keep production at a level that will allow us to give the best service in this industry.

I look forward to working with you. You can count on us to do whatever we can possibly do to help make this your best season possible.


Aug. 26-28

Tennis Show at US Open

Flushing, NY

Oct. 12-15


Phoenix, AZ

Nov. 30-Dec. 2

Athletic Business

Orlando, FL

Dec. 1-5


Nashville, TN

Jan. 15-17

Let’s Play Hockey Expo

Las Vegas, NV

Jan. 21-24

Super Show

Las Vegas, NV


Be sure to wash all of your tools over an empty drum—you never know who may be watching.

The most important thing to consider before sending your crew out to a job site is weather. If inclement weather is expected, it may be best to postpone. It is better to lose a day of production than the cost of three coats and the time and trouble to do the job again!

When applying Ultracushion with our Aluminum Grooved Squeegee, adjust it so that it’s in the position to apply the least amount of resistance. Do not use a lot of pressure. This will allow the larger rubber particles to be applied evenly.

When using either Cushion system, set the windrow twice as wide as you would for regular color. For the final coat, someone should follow a few feet behind the last person pulling a squeegee with a soft-haired broom. This will help give an even texture and may prevent streaking.

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