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a value at this moment exactly proportioned
to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I
know more, I recall that piece of knowledge
and use it better."
    Mark Van Doren


Ben Righter, Jeff Parish, Jim Lathrop, Total Tennis, Inc., Columbus, OH. During a recent visit.



Basil Rissolo from American Recreation, Westport, CT. shot a hole in one this summer using a Nova Sports U.S.A. golf ball.



Novacrylic yields calculation program for Microsoft Excel is now available for contractors evaluation. We hope this easy to use program will help you estimate materials. Please let us know if you want to try it.


Nova Sports U.S.A. is pleased to announce that Bill Righter has joined our team as National Sales Manager. Bill comes to Nova with fifteen years sales experience, and four years of acrylic coatings manufacturing work. Bill is the twin brother of Rob. The addition of Bill to the lineup makes all five members of the Righter family on team Nova's roster.


We often get requests for information about pinholes in both new surfaces and existing ones that are to be re-coated. These questions are about applications with our products and competitive materials.

First, letís discuss what I think are the most common causes of pinholes in acrylic surfaces:

  1. Over agitation. All coatings have anti-foaming agents incorporated into their formulations. These are consumed during agitation. Constant mixing, after the material is diluted and smooth, can exhaust the efficiency of these defoamers. The action of the squeegee causes foaming of the liquid. When a bubble bursts, it leaves a void.

  2. Foreign matter on the surface. Dust or other materials that may repel the coating will cause the film to separate. Asphalt pavement that is still giving off volatiles is also suspect to the above.

    There are a whole list of other possibilities such as an opposite electrical charge in some aggregate or sand that is added to the mix. Drying conditions that cause coating to dry before the sides of a crater can flow together and so on.

Do these pinholes create any problems in the longevity of the acrylic surface? Other than aesthetic, they are not a problem. In fact , if it were possible to build these into a coating system, it would increase the performance by allowing vapor to pass through the film faster. The pinhole is of a size that it does not encourage water to penetrate from the top. This is demonstrated by how difficult it is to fill pinholes with application of additional coats of surfacing materials. They bridge over the voids when wet and as they dry the old pinhole is exposed.

Pinholes can be reduced by not over mixing materials and avoiding application in extremely hot, fast drying conditions. We use what we feel are the best defoaming products and the quantities that have been determined to provide maximum performance, but there will be situations that are beyond control. No one can predict when this will happen. When it does, it is not going to shorten the life of the surface and after a short time, is less noticeable.


Sandy MacKenzie from Boston Tennis, demonstrates how he squeegees on a hot summer day with a damp towel under his Nova cap.


As with all products, paint, wallpaper, ceramic tile, etc., that involve color, our coatings may vary in shade slightly from batch to batch. Grass green, Red, Burgundy and Terra Cotta should have the least variation as they are all straight colors. These colors are made using only one pigment. We purchase all of our color pigments from the same supplier every time. Orders are for large quantities of these pigments. This helps to keep these colors consistent. Other colors are made from blends of several color pigments and may also be let down with white pigment, titanium dioxide. We try to be as precise as possible, but it is impossible to have exact matches.

If an application is being done with more than one batch of Novacrylic material, it is important to either: use all of the same batch for the final coat or box multiple batches together so that the final coat is done with one mix. It would be a good idea to save some of the final coat to give to the owner to use for future touch up material.

You will notice that we, as well as our competition, express variations in yields. It is not possible to be precise in these projections as there are so many variables that come into play.

Porosity and smoothness of new pavement can be a major influence on quantities needed for the first coat.

The size, shape, and quantity of sand used in acrylic resurfacer can cause yields of the resurfacer and subsequent coats to vary all over the scale.

Temperature and humidity are an influence. Fast drying may reduce yields.

The actual squeegee used and the pressure applied on the squeegee varies and will influence the yield.

Novaplay II is one of our most recent developments. We have been tracking the quantities used as reported by several customers over the last year. They are varying widely from the 140 square feet per gallon, as we have been quoting, to an average of 130 square feet per gallon per coat in the field. A big variable is the sand used in the Novaplay Base Coat. 80 mesh silica seems to result in the Novaplay II yielding the 140 square feet per gallon. Larger sand has been reducing the yield. We are now using the following formula: First coat Novaplay II application at 100 square feet per gallon. Succeeding coats applied at rate of 150 square feet per gallon.


A west coast surfacing company was called to resurface some volleyball courts at a nudist resort. The contractor felt uncomfortable looking different from all the other folks in the area. So, "when in Rome....." to quote the nameless Novacrylic applicator.


When Nova Sports was started in 1984, our goal was to be the best supplier of the finest quality surfacing materials available any where. I believe that we have succeeded at our goal and must continue to work hard at being the best supplier of materials and service to the tennis court construction industry.

What I was not sure of was what direction the company would be taking corporate wise. When Rob joined the company, that was a decision to go the family business route. His skills and energy have brought a lot to Nova Sports and I feel that we are a better company because of Robertís contributions. There was a missing link in this family business scene and that was my other son, Robís twin, Bill. Recently we were successful in convincing him to join our business family. Billy brings sales skills and experience to Nova. He also is very enthusiastic about the role he will play in the continued growth of our company. At present Bill is working out in the field with tennis court installation crews around the country attempting to get some hands on experience. Hopefully you will meet Bill as he assumes his role as sales manager.

It may seem corny, but my wish is to make all of our customers feel that they are part of our Nova Family.

If you are not a member of the USTC&TBA, you may not be aware of a great new publication titled "The Tennis Facilities Construction and Maintenance Manual." This is a very informative book dealing with all types of tennis courts. The price is $39.95 and is available from the United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association, 3525 Ellicott Mills Drive, Suite N, Ellicott City, MD 21043-4547 or if you prefer, we will be happy to supply you.

Very best regards,

Ben Righter


Meet Nova Sports U.S.A. at the following trade shows:

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U.S.T.C.&T.B.A. Technical Meeting, Clarion Hotel, Orlando, Florida December 6, 1997 to December 8, 1997

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