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Some of you may have heard about the trend-setting Tennis Masters Series-Canada.  They made a daring move, which is already being duplicated by a tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This all came about with the hopes of attracting a younger fan base. Keith Carpenter, Harry Fauquier and their Team at Tennex Systems, Inc., located in Ontario, Canada, resurfaced the 12 courts for the Tennis Masters Series-Canada.  As in the past, the courts were resurfaced with Combination Surface.  The big change was the color…violet!

There has been a lot of positive feedback.  Players reported, “They all liked the color and could see the ball better coming off the surface,” announced Harry Fauquier of Tennex Systems, Inc.  “I have not spoken to one player who said they didn’t like it,” said Jane Wynne, Tournament Director.  A Dutch star relays, “It’s a very easy color on the eyes.”

Organizers of the tournament admit violet was not their first choice.  Shades of pink and blue were tested, but it was found that none of those hues provided the contrast needed to see the yellow ball.  Once the decision was reached to apply violet, organizers crossed their fingers and hoped for the best!  Perhaps this is the biggest color change in tennis since the balls went from white to yellow in the ‘70’s!


Site Technology, Inc., specializes in the design and construction of tennis facilities and athletic running tracks and has been in the business for 16 years.

This past September, Kevin Labadie and his Team at Site Technology completed an indoor, nine-court job.  They used the Spray Pump system to apply Ultracushion at the Chagrin Valley Athletic Club in Ohio.

By choosing this method of application, Kevin saw a more even application of the cushion materials.  The nine courts were finished sooner than expected, which allowed for more curing time.

Since the courts were indoors, there was some masking work that needed to be done.  It was necessary to have an additional laborer to manage the air hoses and material movement with the pump.

By using the Spray Pump, the Team did not save any man-hours.  The need for an additional laborer offset the shorter application time.  Kevin thought it would probably save time and man-hours on an outdoor tennis court facility.


The Water Country amusement park, located in Portsmouth, NH, was recently surfaced with Classic Green Novaplay.  Novaplay was the surface of choice, due to its durability.


Nov. 30-Dec. 2  

Athletic Business

Orlando, FL

Dec. 1-5


Nashville, TN

Jan. 15-17

Let’s Play Hockey Expo

Las Vegas, NV

Jan. 21-24

Super Show

Las Vegas, NV


The main goal of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is to grow the game of tennis by increasing the number of players and interest in the sport.  The ITF feels that if games played at the tournament level are slowed, there will be longer rallies, leading to more interesting matches.  They introduced a larger ball for major grass tournaments on a two-year trial period.  Several manufacturers, as well as the USTA, are marketing the larger ball to new players.  Rally length has been 25% longer with a greater reaction time to the ball.  There are mixed opinions from players that have used the larger ball.  ITF indications are positive, with players having more confidence.

Court surfaces were tested at the same time as tennis balls, measuring the coefficient of restitution on the ball and the traction value of the surface.  They found that new acrylic surfaces are the most consistent tennis surfaces.

The ITF has three category levels to measure the pace of a tennis court surface:

  • Category 1—Slow

  • Category 2—Medium

  • Category 3—Fast

Nova Sports USA tested its tennis surfaces in 1998 and again this year.  We are very pleased with the consistent results.

The following tennis surfaces are classified by the ITF as Category 2—Medium play:

  • Novacrylic Combination Surface System

  • Novacrylic Novacushion System

  • Novacrylic Ultracushion System

The ITF has a portable pendulum surface test machine that will perform on-site pace test. This could have major implications for contractors in the future. We will keep you informed of future developments.

Nova Sports USA has been an active member of the ITF for several years. We will continue to support the ITF and its goal to grow the game of tennis.


On September 24, 2000, 23 Nova friends and family participated in The 12th Annual Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk to help fight cancer.

The Jimmy Fund provides vital financial assistance for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a world-renowned leader in discovering and developing innovative, effective cancer therapies for children and adults.

Nova Sports USA would like to send a BIG “Thank you!” to all our friends, family and employees who helped raise over $4,000.00!  Next year, we hope to raise even more.


Here we are again.  Winding down another surfacing season.  Most of our contractors experienced very bad weather, especially during the spring.  I think there is still work to be done in 2000, which was originally planned for this year.

We had an interesting experience with the surface for the Tennis Masters Series-Canada tournament in Toronto.  They wanted to see what the Tennis Masters logo colors would look like on a tennis court.  Nova produced several samples of violet and magenta colored surfaces for trial on a court.  They chose a different shade of violet for the actual project.  I expected ugly courts, but the end result was attractive courts and facility, favorable comments from the players, and happy tournament management.  One comment was that the color was soothing and the ball visibility superior.  Since the tournament, some court owners have requested the same color for their courts. It is available for a limited time as Canadian Violet.

Some requests for surface maintenance literature have resulted in a sheet that explains some maintenance suggestions.  It is available on request.  This document is one that we can update as needed.  If you have any suggestions, please contact Kristin Blake.

Please remember that the days are getting shorter and the sun is at a low angle, creating shadows.  Lower temperatures and dew points will require longer times for drying of waterborne coatings.  My advice is to limit application to one coat per day.  In some cases in may be prudent to let several days go by between coats.  You must decide how much risk you are willing to take.  It’s not the greatest plan to have the last job you do this year become the first one you must do next year.

Thanks for making 2000 the best sales year ever for Nova Sports USA.


  • Now that fall is upon us and the sun is setting sooner, we have to keep in mind when it is and is not okay to apply Novacrylic products.

  • Coatings should only be applied when the surface temperature is 50 degrees and rising or the air temperature is 55 degrees and rising.

  • This time of year, we strongly recommend applying only one coating per day.  Do not rush coats—this may create failure.

  • The best time to do the surfacing is after the morning dew is gone and at least three hours before the sun sets.  Once the sun has set, the curing process stops.

  • How can you tell your tennis court has cured?  The easiest way to tell if your tennis court has cured is to use the wet towel test.  Place a wet towel on the court surface for several hours.  Remove the towel and rub your fingernail on the area.  If the coating stays in tact, the surface has cured.

  • What is the best way to hide rust stains on your tennis court?  Use an acrylic-based primer, intended to stop rust stains on wood siding.  Prime the stained area with the acrylic-based primer and after it has dried, apply the tennis court coating.

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