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Charles Brown of Valley Paving,
Ramsey, NJ, demonstrates
proper cleaning procedures.


Jim Lathrop of Total Tennis, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, experienced a situation involving equipment clean up that could have had disastrous results. He has agreed to share his experience with us.

Total Tennis was reconditioning ten tennis courts. The project had difficult and limited access. They were being rushed to complete the job. After the long summer, Jim found that his crew was both short handed and very tired. These are not excuses, but certainly contributed to the circumstances.

During the washing of tools, a small amount of the wash water ran into a storm drain. A passing fire official noticed the water flowing into the drain and alerted the EPA. An EPA investigation began as a result of the call. The site and drain system were inspected. There was no paint found in the sewer system nor in any open water. The Total Tennis crew cleaned the drain to the satisfaction of the EPA official. Jim points out that they cooperated fully with the EPA person.

Total Tennis was charged with dumping waste paint material into an open drain system. This charge could bring a maximum fine of twenty five thousand dollars and a year in jail. Because Jim cooperated, and is doing public service tasks for the community, the court did not impose the severe sentence that could have resulted in financial disaster.

As a result of this experience, Total Tennis has reviewed their job site procedures and have instructed employees on the proper procedures for disposal of waste materials. Jim said," This was a very small infraction, but we now realize the importance of following the proper disposal procedures and commitment to the environment. This small infraction could have put us out of business."

It is unfortunate that Jim had to go through this experience. It is fortunate for us that he is willing to share this with us. This article can not begin to relate the emotional ordeal suffered in this type of situation.

The most important advise that Jim offers to anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation in the future is to cooperate fully with the authorities. Do not try to fight with them. The cards are stacked in favor of the authorities. Cooperation will hopefully be appreciated and help to minimize any penalties.

The materials that we supply are all classified as non-hazardous. If a person was using these materials at home, they would be classified as non-hazardous waste. When a contractor is involved, it becomes industrial waste. Though non-hazardous, these materials must be disposed in a proper, legal manner. In Total Tennis's situation, they took short cuts. They also got caught. It's not much more difficult to do it properly and just not worth the aggravation and potential penalties for improper disposal. Doing these things correctly makes better overall workmanship.

Thanks again to Total Tennis for allowing us to share this story.

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There are many variables that can affect the appearance of your tennis court. Temperature, time of day, humidity etc. will have an affect on the final results. Squeegee marks and pour marks fall into this category.

Nigel Jory of Tennex has a great way to hide the pour marks. Nigel marks where the baseline, serve line and net line will be. When applying the final coat of the surface, he makes his four pour lines at these marked tennis court lines. These pour lines will be hidden when the white lines are painted in.

Tennex also follows the squeegee with a broom on the final coat. This eliminates allot of squeegee marks.

Thanks Nigel for this great idea !

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Novaplay II System in New Jersey

Charles Brown of Valley Paving
applies the first coat Of Novaplay II
at Normandy Park, Middletown, NJ.

Team Nova's Valley Paving from left to right: Louis Miller, Nicholas Suarez, Charles Brown, L. Fielding

Team Nova Boston Tennis

Dave Marsden, Ben Righter, Bruce Mahler

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Ben's Corner

As we approach Thanksgiving, I thank all of our customers, specifiers and owners for your loyalty and support. Our goal is to be the best in the business. In my opinion, we are succeeding at this goal. You have accepted our concept of providing the best acrylic sport surface materials possible. Without your support our goals would be meaningless.

Thanks to Jim Lathrop of Total Tennis, Inc. for sharing his experience with the EPA. It's really important to have MSDS sheets and a clean up plan on hand at every jobsite. Washing all equipment over a drum is just good procedure. This water should be used in the next mix of Novasurface or the color that was used in the wash. If it is necessary to store the water for more than a few days, there are inexpensive and safe ways to purify the water. Please call us for details or if you have any questions regarding clean up or storage.

During the permitting process for Nova Sports facility the licensing authorities imposed some severe restrictions on our operation. We are restricted to using non-hazardous materials and have some severe rules on storage of our liquid raw materials. At the time, we agreed to all of the restrictions and I thought it was somewhat overkill. It has however made us a better producer and a more responsible member of our community. Some enforcement officials can enforce environmental regulations to of being ridiculous, but in most cases it makes for better procedures and workmanship.


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