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Hilton El Conquistador - Tucson, AZ

Surfaced by Southwest Sport Surfaces of Oro Valley, AZ using Novacrylic® Grass Green and Canadian Violet.  For courts that have not been resurfaced for a few years we were impressed with the colors holding up to the Arizona Sun.



New Improved Cushion Field Tested 

After talking to many contractors and pulling a squeegee or two, we realized our cushion could be much easier to apply. Our goal was to increase the overall quality of the product while finding a way to ease the application process. Working closely with acrylic experts from around the country, our chemist was able to find a highly advanced rheology modifier. This additive, along with minor formulation changes has greatly improved the flow and uniformity of all our cushion systems.

Skip Fielden of Metropolitan Tennis recently field tested the new Novacushion® formula and we were all very happy with the end result. The flow was excellent and yields were also slightly better. If you haven’t used our cushion in a few years I’m sure you’ll be very impressed with the changes we’ve made. Below you’ll find pictures of the recent test.



Recent Tournaments played on Nova

2008 Davis Cup Tournament - Bolivia versus Netherlands Antilles - Curacao

2007 ITA National Intercollegiate Indoor Championship - Columbus, Ohio USA

2007 Davis Cup Tournament - Netherlands Antilles versus Jamaica - Kingston, Jamaica

2007 Marcelo Rios versus Andre Agassi exhibition match at Arena Santiago - Chile 

Pictured above: Arena Santiago - Santiago, Chile, Surfaced by Procourts Chile with Novacrylic Combination Surface®. Pete Sampras and Marcelo Rios will play Arena Santiago this upcoming  May.

2008 ITA National Men’s Team Indoor Championships played on Nova! 

Pictured above: University of Washington’s Nordstrom Tennis center. Home of the UW Huskies. 

The 2008 ITA National Men’s Team Indoor Championships,featuring the nations top 16 NCAA tennis programs was played this February on Novacrylic® Sport Surfaces. The event which showcased 11 of the ITA’s top 20 ranked players took place at The University of Washington’s Nordstrom Tennis Center (surfaced with Canadian Violet and Grass Green) and the historic Seattle Tennis Club (surfaced with Novagreen and Grass Green). The top seeded Virginia Cavaliers captured their first indoor title defeating the 3rd ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Special thanks to Mid Pac Tennis Construction of Kirkland, WA for the outstanding job well done.

ASBA Technical Meeting: Austin, TX 2007 

It was wonderful seeing so many of you in Austin last November. In between our BBQ and Tex-Mex stops we picked up some important information at the technical meetings. One particular session (Concrete Vapor Emissions) proved to be especially rewarding. We learned that the current 10 millimeter vapor barrier in our specifications would not be sufficient in stopping vapor emissions. In fact many tests have shown that the compaction of the dirt alone was enough to puncture a 10 mm barrier. We are now recommending contractors install a 15 mm barrier underneath the concrete slab. Please let us know if you have any questions about the new standards.  

We’ve also learned of an inexpensive RH kit that can be used to ensure the concrete slab is ready for coating. It can be purchased by visiting: 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in New Orleans this year. Give Rob a call if you need any extra beads!


Jason and Jennifer Beard at a recent Austin, Texas job.

Bill Dougherty and Rob Righter at the ASBA technical meeting. The Nova family would like to congratulate Bill on his recent marriage.

Nova Sports USA would like to congratulate Fast-Dry Courts of Pompano Beach, FL for being awarded the 2007 RSI/ASBA  Residential Court of The Year.

We would like to thank Fast Dry and all of our installers that demand the highest quality in  their materials and workmanship. Other recent award winners using Nova Products include:   Boston Tennis, Horizon Sports Group, Pro Sport Construction,  Baseline Sports Const. and more...

Todd & Trimmer Dettor above with ASBA Residential court of the year award.

2008 Trade Show Schedule

NRPA Trade Show - Baltimore

October 14-18, 2008 

Athletic Business Show - San Antonio

December 3-6, 2008 

ASBA Technical Meeting - New Orleans

December 6-8, 2008

ITF Replaces Surface Pace Rating

The ITF has launched a new classification program to replace the Surface Pace Rating (SPR). Surfaces will now be classified with a Court Pace Rating (CPR), which has been shown to match  a player’s perception more closely than the (SPR). In addition to the slow, medium and fast ratings a medium-fast classification has been added to the (CPR) system. Under the new system Novacrylic Combination Surface® has retained it’s Medium Play rating. For questions or more information on the new testing method call our office at 800-USA-NOVA.


Rob’s Corner

We’ve just finished another long, cold winter here in New England. The phones are starting to ring again and our inventory is in great shape for the spring rush. Dave Commito (Director of Operations) has done a great job and I am confident the quality is better than ever.

We are very excited about the improvements made to the cushion products, thanks again to Skip Fielden for helping us with this project. Both Ultracushion and Novacushion will now have the most advanced rheology modifier available, making them easier to apply with a squeegee.

My son Jake finally proposed to Annie over Valentines Day! We’re all looking forward to an Iowa wedding in September 2009.

Last year was another record breaking year as we are still growing.  We couldn’t have done this without your support. Thanks very much for being part of our family. 

Hope you have a wonderful spring season.




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