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United States Tennis Association Outstanding Facility Award

Nova Sports USA is pleased to announce the selection of three Novacrylic projects  in 2004 as recipients for a USTA outstanding facility award and ASBA 2004 Court of the Year awards. 

Above left, are the nine courts at the College of Charleston, Patriots Point in Charleston, SC.  This tennis center was one of 15 winners to receive a USTA 2004 Outstanding Facility award. 

These courts were surfaced with Novacrylic Combination Surface by Howard B. Jones & Son of Lexington, SC. 

Pictured standing at this first class facility is Rob Righter, President Nova Sports USA (left in photo), with Frank Larkin of Howard B. Jones and Son.

ASBA Awards

Clark University

Gellar Sports, Inc. won an ASBA Outstanding Tennis Facility Award for the Corash Courts at Clark University in Worcester, MA. 

Congratulations to Joe and Nancy Gill, Certified Novacrylic Installers, along with everyone at Westboro Tennis in Westboro, MA, for their exceptional completion of this project.


Residential Court

This new construction job at a residential location in Morgantown, PA won an ASBA Outstanding Tennis Facility Award

Thanks to Joe Stevenson, Certified Novacrylic Installer, along with everyone at Horizon Sports Group in Coopersburg, PA for their award winning completion of this court.




Denise Clark of International Tennis Management (ITM) in Spain sent in this shot of a Novacrylic court in Huetor Santillan, Granada, SPAIN.  ITM became the Exclusive Installer of Novacrylic Products for Spain during 2004 and we’re pleased to add them to the family of Novacrylic Installers worldwide. ITM is successfully using a rubber overlay that is first glued to the hard tennis courts, then the Combination Surfacing System is applied.


Artur Sobecki of Tamex in Poland sent these pictures of recent projects.  As with ITM, above, Tamex is using the rubber overlay system, which they are calling “Novacrylic Soft”.  Their rubber base is a field mixture of rubber and urethane that is installed using paving equipment, thus eliminating seams.  According to Tamex, the result is a 6mm rubber mat upon which 2-coats Novasurface and 2-coats Combination surface are applied.  Above left is the Sinnet Tennis Club and above right is the Chinese Embassy.  Both projects use the Novacrylic Soft system and are located in Warsaw.  Sobecki says “we don’t have any problems with freeze and snow in the winter time and we have very good feedback from players”.  He cites one player as saying "it gives a great ball control, but it’s soft and safe."  Tamex is the Exclusive Installer / Distributor of Novacrylic products for Poland.


Juan Francisco De La Barra of Pro Courts Chile in Santiago, Chile sent these shots of the Ultracushion System being applied on the “Show Court” at their facility.

Archived Listing of Novacrylic
Projects on Internet

Special thanks to every Novacrylic Installer worldwide that has submitted their projects to us over the years.  We have finally completed archiving these projects to our website. 

All installations that have been submitted to us are now searchable by state or country.  So please visit to see your projects.  If you’d like to add projects to the list, or if you find we’ve missed some, please send them to us!  We look forward to expanding our ever growing list.

Marquee Novacrylic Projects

Phillips Exeter Academy

At right are the nineteen new tennis courts at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.  The Combination Surface System (Grass Green and Novagreen) was applied by New England Sealcoating of Hingham, MA.  Special thanks to Craig Swain at New England Sealcoating for sending us this impressive photo!.


Major University 

At left is the tennis facility at a major university in Columbus, OH.  The special grey Combination Surface was supplied (along with red) for this project, and it was applied by Total Tennis of Columbus, OH. Thanks to Jim Lathrop of Total Tennis for sending these shots.

Smithfield High School and
Curry College

At right are two Novacrylic installations by East Coast Sealcoating of Abington, MA.  Far right is the green Novatrack at the Boyle Athletic Complex at Smithfield High School in Smithfield, MA.  Close right is the tennis facility at Curry College in Milton, MA.  Thanks to Harry Conover at East Coast Sealcoating for these pictures.

Rob’s Corner

I can’t believe it’s still snowing!  Where is spring?  I can’t wait; we have had a long snowy winter.  Our production staff is working hard building inventory for the spring rush.  Most of the contractors we have seen are optimistic for next year.

Raw material costs have gone crazy, and the price of acrylics has increased by 22% since last season.  Hopefully the economy will turn around and our costs will stabilize.  We are running our operations as efficiently as possible. Last year was another record breaking year as we are still growing.  We couldn’t have done this without your support. Thanks very much for being part of our family. 

Hope you have a wonderful spring season (when it gets here). 


Rob Righter and Roger Sallvaille of Rev Tennis Southwest, Inc., Nova’s exclusive distributor for Quebec, at the Quebec Parks and Recreation Tradeshow in St. Sauveur, Quebec.

Bill Righter, Sales Manager Nova Sports USA (at right in photo) with Mark Stephens of L&M Distribution, Nova’s exclusive distributor for California, at the USPTA Trade Show in La Quinta, CA

We saw many great friends at the ASBA Technical Meeting in New Orleans during Dec., 2004.  Pictured above, from left to right, is Bill Righter with Nelson Westover of Baseline Construction / Rob Righter with Skip Fielden of Metropolitan Tennis / Bill Righter with Jim Ellett of Central Virginia Tennis and Will Ferguson of Baseline Construction / Joe and Sydney Stevenson of Horizon Sports Group / and Rob Righter with Jim Little of Spartan Enterprises, Carl Peterson of Courts Plus, and Bill Oehler of Oehler Court Company.

Cushion Patch & Novasurface with Rust Inhibitor

CUSHION PATCH:  We are currently field testing the effectiveness of a 100% acrylic rubber filled, elastomeric, ready-to-use Cushion Patch.  It is designed to repair damaged Novacushion or Ultracushion courts where hairline cracks up to 1/4” wide or voids up to 3/8” deep are present.  Advantages include: 1-coat application with minimal shrinkage, elastomeric properties (ability to expand and contract), and the same characteristics of Novacushion when completely cured.    *If you are interested in testing this new product, please contact us.

NOVASURFACE WITH RUST INHIBITOR:  We’ve had great feedback on our new Novasurface With Rust Inhibitor product.  Ron Marsh from Do-It-Right Company in Clayton, OH tells us he’s been checking a court that he used this product on one year ago.  He says the original court was covered with rust spots, but after applying 2-coats Novasurface with Rust Inhibitor and 2-coats Combination Surface, one year has passed, and no rust spots have returned!


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