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  • Vancouver, CANADA

Novacrylic Combination Surface was selected as the surface of choice for the WTA Odlum Brown Vancouver Womens Open, held August 9th - 15th at the Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver, Canada.

The tournament’s surfacing was installed by Certified Novacrylic Installer, Tony Bardsley Tennis Services of Vancouver, Canada. Using Combination Surface, the project involved converting the existing eight courts into six for the tournament, and then back into eight courts following the tournament.

The project was proudly supported with a Novacrylic banner, seen here, that hung for the duration of the tournament, which included a top international field of players, most of whom were seen in this year’s Wimbledon main draw.


Greenwich, CT

Residential tennis court originally built in 1985 by Basil Rissolo Tennis, of Stratford, CT and resurfaced this year by the same company. Great work!

Dayton, OH

Ron Marsh of Do-It-Right Specialists sent in this before and after shot of a tennis court in Dayton, OH recently resurfaced with Combination Surface.

USTC & TBA Name and Logo Change

Bill Righter

As you are probably aware, the USTC & TBA name and logo (see old logo left) are going to be changed. The new name will be “The American Sports Builders Association”. This name change will officially take place during the technical meeting, to be held in New Orleans December 4-6, 2004.

Although the name is changing, everything else within the association should remain the same. There will still be a tennis division, and I hope it will be as active and strong as it has been in the past. All of us here at Nova Sports USA wish the association great success with the new name. We will continue to be an active member and look forward to building our relationship even further during the years to come.

Highway Novacrylic

At right is a photo of Route 190 in Massachusetts.

The area beyond the breakdown lane, on both sides of the highway, has recently been coated with Novacrylic.

The material was sprayed, by Riverside Asphalt Company, for a stretch of more than one mile.

This is a relatively new application for Novacrylic, and we’re very pleased to be involved with such an endeavor.

New Filtration System Put Into Operation

Quality controls have been our number one goal for this year. We are pleased to announce that our “QFS” (Quad Filter System) has been put into operation this season with great success. All liquid ingredients must pass through four filters before production is complete, and drums are filled. This system ensures that there are no surprises in the drum and that the liquids are free from impurities. Dave Commito, Director of Operations said, “Our new QFS is the most advanced purification system available. The quality of our materials is more consistent using QFS and we are extremely pleased with the results”.

Many thanks to Alfredo Rodriguez of Policancha Dominicana in Caracas, Venezuela for sending us these great pictures of courts recently completed in Venezuela using Novaplay and Combination Surface. We’re very happy to welcome Policancha Dominicana to the family of Novacrylic installers worldwide!


Louis Lui of East Mount Associates sent in this picture of the Sports & Recreation Equipment trade show completed in Shanghai City, China. The show promoted Novacrylic products (note the huge Novacrlylic poster top left of photo). East Mount Associates is the exclusive distributor of Novacrylic products for China.

Here’s Roger Sallvaille of Rev Tennis Southwest, Inc., with the 7 pound Rainbow Trout he caught while fishing on Lake Ontario. Rev Tennis Southwest, Inc., is the exclusive installer of Novacrylic surfaces for Quebec, Canada.

Anton Rezanev of Krona Service Company in the Ukraine sent in these pictures of the Krona staff at a trade show that they were recently involved in, which promoted Novacrylic products. Also shown is a recently completed project of that used Novacrylic surfacing. Krona Service is the exclusive distributor and installer of Novacrylic products for the Ukraine.

Rob’s Corner

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over and we are getting ready for the upcoming trade shows. I am happy to report that this year is looking better than last year. Several customers called to tell us that our products have never looked better!

Special thanks to Dave Commito and our production staff for their hard work and dedication to quality.

We recently received notice that the prices of acrylics is going up again, for the third time this year. This is due to escalating crude oil and petrochemical feed stocks. We will hold off price increases for as long as possible and hope that energy prices drop soon.

Our market share has grown again this year and it could not happen without your support!

Thanks again.


Now is an excellent time to call Nova for marketing tools to finish out your season and stock up for next year. We’ve got plenty of newly revised Novacrylic color selection cards, presentation folders and brochures.

Our promotional DVD’s and “Guide to Quality All-Weather Sports Surfaces” auto-loading CD-ROM have been very valuable sales tools for contractors, installers, and landscape architects.

Now both Novacrylic promotional movies (“What Makes Nova Better” and “Application Tips & Techniques”) are on one single DVD.

The auto-loading Novacrylic CD-ROM is always evolving. In addition to containing our full product catalog and installation specifications, the CD now includes all ITF pace rating certificates, a handy yields program to determine US gallons required per coat, and MSDS sheets for all Novacrylic products.


Surfacing Tennis Courts In The Fall Can Be Risky

As the fall season approaches in the northeast, it’s a good time to review the risks involved with color surfacing tennis courts in the fall months.

The risk of failure is greater for the following reasons:

  1. The sun is at a low angle.

  2. Leaves falling on wet coatings create problems.

  3. Most tennis courts will have some sections that will never be out of the shade at any time.

  4. Temperature drops at night can be more than the coating system can tolerate.

  5. Dew on newly applied coatings will solvate the color, resulting in minimal water resistance.

Too many times, courts surfaced in the fall, in the Northeastern United States, have to be done again in the spring. If you apply acrylics in the fall, you must assume all of the risk. All of the above reasons apply not just to Novacrylic materials, but to any water borne coatings. They all need warm, dry conditions to cure and develop a sound film.

Certified Novacrylic Installer Magnetic Signs Available

Nova Sports USA now has available “Certified Novacrylic Installer” magnetic signs for your work vehicle (as shown above). If you’d like a magnetic sign for your vehicle, please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to send you one!


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