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20th Anniversary!

This season marks Nova’s twentieth year in business, and boy has it gone by fast! During the past twenty years, we’ve made many great friends, and are sure to make many more during the next twenty! Thank you for your continued support.

College of Charleston New Tennis Facility

Charleston, SC

The College of Charleston in Charleston, SC has opened a brand new tennis facility (top left). The recently completed College of Charleston Tennis Center at Patriots Point gives the mens and womens tennis teams a first class complex including locker rooms, offices and lighted playing courts surfaced with Novacrylic Combination Surface.

The facility consists of nine outdoor lighted courts, and a 3,000 square foot clubhouse with tennis offices and locker rooms. It also has a two-tiered terrace that overlooks the courts for easy viewing from the fans. Instead of bleachers, spectators will sit in low-country style rocking chairs.

The courts will also have computerized scoreboards that will be updated by the players during the crossovers.

Surfaced by Howard B. Jones & Son of Lexington, SC, The College of Charleston Tennis Center is a premier tennis facility.

Below right is Rob Righter of Nova Sports USA with Frank Larkin of Howard B. Jones & Son. Handling North Carolina, South Carolina, and even northern Florida, Howard B. Jones & Son is an award winning tennis court contractor, and long-time certified installer of Novacrylic surfaces with exclusive distribution for Combination Surface in the Carolinas.

USTC & TBA Winter Meeting

  • Bill Righter

This year’s USTC & TBA winter meeting was the most productive meeting that I’ve attended, and with so many different issues on the table, it could have been one of the most important. Of most importance was the association name change. The general feeling from the members who attended the meeting was that it is time for a change. I think we all agree that the United States Tennis Court & Track Builders Association does not flow off the tongue that easily. The current name also limits the association to only tennis and track, while many members do more than just tennis or track. The association is a builders association, so any name that is decided on will have the word ‘builder’ in its title. I agree that it is time for a name change, and the new name being discussed is “The American Sports Builders Association”. Unless a large number of members voice any opposition to a name change, the new name will most likely be approved this year.

The association also worked on some tennis position papers, and after reading them, I was very excited for the builder members. Position paper topics will be available to members on birdbaths, squeegee marks, asphalt impurities, blisters, cracking, court pace, rust stains, sneaker marks, and algae / mold / mildew. Having these types of papers is a great benefit to being a member and I know that Nova Sports USA will take full advantage of at least some of these papers. But my favorite part of the winter meeting was participating in the fishing tournament. My son, Joey Righter (above left), caught the largest fish...a big grouper! Joey’s grandfather, Ben, would have been very proud of him that day. The golfing was tough. I lost 26 golf balls and Rick Dougherty kept driving the golf cart next to any live alligator he saw. There were some big alligators on that course!  I can’t wait till next year’s meeting in Arizona. I hope to see you there.

USA Referrals on Website

There is a great new update on our website. Now available to any site visitor is a full listing of Novacrylic installations, categorized by state.

We’ve utilized all of the submitted contractor referral lists sent in over the last 7 years by Novacrylic installers by posting them on our website. When a website visitor clicks on any state, they will be brought to a page of Novacrylic installations within that state. The lists are presented alphabetically by town and include pictures (if available). Underneath all of the listed installations will be a prompt so that the site visitor can easily request a Certified Novacrylic Installer for that state. Look for International listings coming soon!

We are always looking for Novacrylic installations, pictures, and ways to improve, so if you ever have listings or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

Carl Petersen, New Sales Representative for Nova

Nova Sports USA is pleased to announce the addition of Carl Petersen as District Sales Representative. Carl comes to Nova with over thirty years of tennis court building experience. A former President of the Tennis Division of the United States Tennis & Track Builders Association, Carl is based in St. Petersburg, FL and will cover the southern and mid-western states for Nova Sports USA.

Tennex Systems, Inc.

Above is Rob Righter along with Certified Novacrylic Installers Harry Faquier and Keith Carpenter, of Tennex Systems, Inc., our exclusive installer for Ontario, Canada

Total Tennis

Above is (left to right) Sally and Jim Lathrop of Total Tennis in Columbus, OH, along with Rob Righter. Total Tennis is a Certified Novacrylic Installer servicing the Ohio area.

The Courtsmiths

Above is (left to right) Mike Smith, Bill Righter, and Pete Smith. Mike and Pete, own and operate The Courtsmiths, a Certified Novacrylic installer in Toledo, OH


Derrick Barton

Above is Mark Bran (2nd from left) of Derrick Barton Tennis Construction, along with the Nova Sports USA crew: (left to right) Josh Harting, Rob Righter, David Commito, and Bill Righter. Photo taken at dinner after a recent visit Mark made to the Nova Sports USA facility. Derrick Barton Tennis Construction is heavily involved in surfacing custom basketball courts with Novaplay in and around TN, including one at Jerry West’s house!

Rob’s Corner

Last month we had a record amount of rain here in the northeast. Most of the tennis court builders that I have talked with are very positive about the number of projects they have for this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for better weather than last season.

It’s hard for me to believe it’s our twentieth season! It seems like just a few years ago that my mom, dad and Jeff were starting this business. I am grateful to them for building and growing this company as a leader in manufacturing recreational coatings. Ruth, Ben and Jeff had a vision to manufacture only the highest quality acrylics. As we move to the next generation of my family, my goal is to not compromise the quality of our products in any way and to provide our customers the highest level of service. I have much to be thankful for and with your continued support hope we can grow with you for the next twenty years.

These are challenging times for us as our costs have increased dramatically. We have absorbed much of the increases and are running as efficiently as possible. As stated above, we will not compromise the quality of our products by reformulating with lower quality ingredients. We had no choice than to raise prices slightly.

Our new color card is at the printers and should become available when you receive this newsletter.

Hope you have a great and prosperous surfacing season. Thanks again for your support.

What Makes Nova Better DVD Updated

After the great feedback and success we’ve had in our first run of customized “What Makes Nova Better” DVD’s, we’re happy to announce that they are now even easier to use!

That’s right! By adding chapters to your customized “What Makes Nova Better” DVD, you can now easily navigate to any pre-selected point within the DVD. Whether it’s examples of your own work, the section on Nova’s quality of manufacturing, the section on Novaplay, Combination Surface, Novacushion and Ultracushion, or running tracks, etc., presenting Novacrylic products to potential customers has never been easier!

It’s never too late to request a customized DVD for yourself. Simply send in pictures of projects you’ve completed using Novacrylic products along with a business card with your logo on it, and we’ll incorporate them into a customized “What Makes Nova Better” DVD for you!

If you aren’t familiar with the video, visit our home page for the generic video at!

Also, we’ve had several requests for a high resolution JPEG of the Certified Novacrylic Installer logo (above) from our contractors nationwide in order to create signs and documents for promotion. If you’d like this file, please feel free to contact us, we’re happy to send it!

New Color Card

Now available is our new color card, showing all twelve Novacrylic colors on one card! The new card includes Memphis Blues, Tournament Blue, and Canadian Violet. Call and request yours today!

2003 Contractor Referrals

A special thank you to all of our Novacrylic installers who submitted their 2003 contractor referral lists and pictures.

We always love to see photos of projects completed with Novacrylic products, and we enjoy promoting them on our website, in this newsletter, and even in print advertising (see May, June, July issues of RSI Magazine). Plus, it’s never too late to send in your project listings, and pictures of your work!


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