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Derrick Barton Tennis Construction

After a recent trip to Memphis, Rob Righter, President Nova Sports USA, returned with a glowing report regarding the quality of work Derrick Barton Tennis Construction is performing. “These are some of the nicest courts I’ve ever seen...the workmanship is outstanding!”, said Rob regarding the ten courts at Rhodes College (above right).

The company was founded more than 40 years ago by Derrick Barton, pictured at left (below right), with Mark Bran, now President and owner of the company. Derrick Barton is also a former University Club Tennis Pro!

Rob isn’t the only one with good things to say. A large front page article in the Business Section of a Memphis, TN newspaper “The Commercial Appeal” recognizes their quality work at such homes as John Calipari’s, University of Memphis Basketball coach, and Jerry West’s, Memphis Grizzlies President. Congratulations to Derrick Barton Tennis Construction!


Rob Righter

Bill and I attended the ITF Foundation meetings in London held during Wimbledon this year.

One topic of interest includes a new rating system. The International Tennis Number (ITN) will be the world's standard rating system. In a short time, all tennis players worldwide will be allocated an ITN between one and ten and this number will correspond to their general level of competitive play. ITN 1 represents a high level player while ITN 10 is a player who is new to the game. This is different than the USTA rating system and a conversion chart is available. The objective of the ITN is to encourage more people to play tennis, unite tennis under a common rating language, and encourage national associations to implement a tennis rating system in their own country. The LTA is now using ITN, and the USTA is planning on converting in 2004.

ITF Headquarters The Fed Cup
Wimbledon Great Seats!

Projects the ITF technical center is working on (listed in order of priority) include: Player perception of pace, Cestee validation, shoe-to-surface interaction, racket performance, dynamic ball testing, Initial study review of court surfaces, and strings and spin studies. Reviewing court surfaces is at the bottom of the priority list and will be for performance and safety variables including rebound height, spin, consistency, durability, pace, color reflectance, shock absorption, slope stiffness, sliding, tearing, and slipping. One interesting point from this session was that the texture of the surface alone changes the play of the ball and not the hardness of the surface. The science of tennis is quite fascinating. Using a computer model, a scientist can key in a racket, string tension, type of ball, and the program will simulate a hit. They intend to take this to the next level with modules using aerodynamics, type of surface, type of shoe, player ITN to predict what will happen in a tennis game.

Meet Team Nova 2003

Here’s Team Nova 2003. This is the best production and shipping crew we’ve ever had!  Our goal is to manufacture the finest acrylic sports surfacing materials found anywhere and we can’t do it without the hard work and dedication of this team. Great work!

From left to right:
Dave Commito (Director of Operations)
- Jeff Righter
(Supervision Specialist)
- Roy Brewer
- Jorge Barrios
(Shipping & Receiving)
- Tony Rios
(Production Supervisor)
- Nick Givotovsky
- Greg Righter
- Jake Righter
- Todd Hakesley




Many thanks to Miguel M. Ortega of Athletic Zone, Mexico for sending in these nice pictures of a blue running track completed in Mexico using Novacrylic Novatrack. Athletic Zone is Nova’s new and exclusive installer for Mexico.

Many thanks to Anton Rezanov of Krona Service Company, Ukraine for sending in these excellent pictures of a Blue and Grass Green tennis court built at a private estate on Cape Feolent, south coast of Crimea, Ukraine.


Boston Tennis recently completed The Neighborhood Club, shown here, located in Newton, MA. The club wanted something different than a typical red and green tennis court. They chose Canadian Violet and Novagreen combination surface. The club has five clay courts and this one acrylic court. On a recent visit to the club there were two people playing on the acrylic court and two people waiting to play while all five clay courts stood empty. Excellent work!

Do-It-Right Specialists of Clayton, OH sent these before and after pictures of apartment complex tennis courts in Dayton, OH. Most of the cracks were 2” wide! As with many of our contractors this year, they had to battle with 7 days of Rain to complete this project. Great job!

USTC & TBA Summer Board of Directors Meeting

  • Bill Righter

I recently attended the USTC & TBA Board of Directors Meeting held at the Harbor Court Hotel July 18th and 19th in Baltimore, MD, representing Associate Affiliate members. A great deal of work was accomplished in the two days.

We spent a lot of time discussing synthetic turf and its impact on the USTC & TBA membership. A new association was formed by some artificial turf manufactures called the Artificial Turf Council. Their goal is to develop guidelines and to stabilize the artificial turf market. It was the decision of the board to include sessions in the technical meeting program that would educate members with regard to artificial turf. The association will also solicit input from its members as to how to proceed with artificial turf.

Some of the board members felt that it was time to change the name of the association. This was discussed at length. The name change question will be posed on the USTC & TBA web site and a letter will be sent out to members.

The board reviewed the strategic plan from the winter meeting a few years back and decided that it was time to put the plan to work. Some of the projects planned are:

1. Position papers on topics like cracks and birdbaths.
Articles in publications.
Bid support packages for builder members.
Name Change.

The association will still fund travel to attend ITF and IAAF meetings next year. If you are interested in getting involved, give me a call! The association always needs new ideas and more active participants. The next technical meeting will be held December 6th through the 10th at the Hyatt LaJolla, San Diego, CA.

Ben’s Corner

The weather went from cold and damp to tropical in one day. I left home and drove to Manchester New Hampshire on the way to the Canadian Border early on June 23. The temperature was cold and it was a dark drizzly day. By the time I got to Manchester it was sunny and warming.

I picked up Evans Jones at the airport and we drove to Newport, Vermont. The temperature was 93 degrees. Seems like it hasn’t cooled of yet. Fishing was great on Lake Memphramagog. I hope to do that again.

Cape Cod fishing was slow because of poor weather. It has improved as of last week. I’m looking forward to spending more time on Molly B.

Our production crew seems to be the best we’ve ever had. The plant operation appears to be very efficient and calm. David Commito is a good leader and he is getting a feel for what we do.

Bill and Rob attended the ITF meeting on tennis court surfaces in London. Reports are that they are planning to set standards for slope and planarity as well as shock absorption. Hopefully this will be a long way off.

USTC&TBA is monitoring the situation. We do not want to let Europe dictate tennis court standards. All of us must have a say and be involved.

Our sales are holding up well despite the poor weather and tough business climate. We have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks to Nova’s staff and customers.

Tech Tips: The Poop on Cleaning!

A common problem on tennis courts is bird droppings. One of our contractors has suggested the following method for removal. Spray water on the droppings, allow to set and soften. Then, using a scrub brush (such as a fingernail brush) rub vigorously while running water on it. It’s always better to use a brush rather than a rag when cleaning acrylic surfaces. The reason is that the rag may polish the surface and leave a noticeable shiny spot, while a brush is not likely to burnish the surface. It’s always helpful to know the source of the stain. Then, one can use a cleaning product that will be likely to dissolve the stain.

Thanks to John Moustakas, Pleasant Valley, NY for the above tip!

Application Tips and Techniques
DVD Now Available

We’ve just completed work on an instructional DVD highlighting application tips and techniques for applying Novacrylic coatings and repairing tennis courts from contractors across the country.

An excellent training tool, this 15-minute instructional video has some great tips from some of our best contractors nationwide.

Call and request your copy today!


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