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Changing Places

Nova Sports USA is pleased to announce the following changes:

Benjamin Righter, one of the founders and President, is now Chairman of the Board.  Robert Righter (right) has stepped into the President's position.

Jeffery Righter, also one of the founders, has left Nova Sports USA to head a company called US Plastic Pallets and Handling.  He remains available as a consultant to Nova.

You should not notice any difference in your interaction with the company, or changes in service, or policy.  Ben has cut his workweek to Tuesday through Thursday, and is available as needed.  Jeff's office is still in our building, so he is available.

Quality Acrylic Coatings

There are many color surfacing materials to choose from, and they vary from each other in many ways. The better quality products are using pure acrylic binders as the vehicle portion of the coating. Next best quality is the vinyl-acrylic emulsion based coatings. Next step down are coatings using vinyl as the base emulsion.

The coating industry agrees that acrylic coatings are the most durable exterior coatings. They possess superior color stability, water resistance and ultra-violet resistance. Acrylic is inert and does not oxidize. Therefore, an acrylic surface coating will stay looking better longer than the other choices.

One will find differences between acrylic coatings based upon: quality of the acrylic used, percent of acrylic in the formula, quality of color pigments, percent of color pigment in the formula, manufacturing procedures, and percent of solids, additives, filler pigments, and suspending agents. The size, shape and composition of sand in the coating have a major impact on the performance and comfort of the playing surface.

Novacrylic coatings are all formulated with Rohm & Haas 100% acrylic emulsions. They are considered the Rolls Royce of acrylic manufacturers. We use a higher percentage of acrylic solids than other brands. Only the highest quality color pigments and as much as 20% more are in our coatings. All of our sand is non-angular and is incorporated in the coatings using a lot of energy so as to totally encapsulate each particle. This results in a more even texture that is low in abrasive properties. The difference is that the surface is not ďstickyĒ and does not grab the shoe. Also, ankle injuries are reduced.

Additives are used to prevent bacterial growth in the product and prevent foaming and settling. Nova Sports USA does not use reconditioned containers to ship our coatings. Only new drums for Nova. Reconditioned drums are often cut and have the tops rolled to create a new lip. This reduces their capacity. Reconditioned drums have a sprayed on lining which has been known to peel and flake off into the coating, causing major problems for the applicator.

Our goal is to produce the finest products possible, with the best materials available to the coating industry. We feel that we are doing this on a daily basis. There are other high quality products for you to choose from, but we have gone a step beyond, and you should find our service superior.

USTC & TBA Winter Meeting

  • Bill Righter

I recently attended the USTC & TBA Winter Meeting held in Duck Key Florida, and I had a great time! It was fun to see old friends, and my wife Jane and I made some new friends. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a winter meeting you should go. The winter meetings are casual and its schedule gives attendees ample time to socialize as well as work on association issues.

I have to say that the fishing was awesome! Not only did I catch the largest fish in the fishing tournament (see me at left in above photo receiving my prize!) but I had the opportunity to watch Bill Oehler of Oehler Court Company, NC, catch well over 100 Spanish mackerel in a 3 hour time frame!

The USTC & TBA has a new indoor division which is now up and running. The Indoor division worked on getting organized and developing new specification guidelines. They will have technical sessions at this yearís technical meeting in San Diego California December 6-10, 2003. Members of the tennis division reviewed the Tennis Construction Manual which is scheduled to be revised in the fall of 2003. The final version of the tennis guidelines were reviewed by members for final input and should be out in print shortly. The association also will be updating its website. The new web site will have a new fresh look. It promises to be easier to use.





Gary Schumacher of Action Sports, NJ, sent in this picture of a new private residence recessed court recently completed in Princeton, NJ complete with custom imported stonework, 6Ē asphalt bed, and drainage system.

Nat Lee of American Surfaces, MN, sent us this photo of a unique court, built for Zeman Construction, located in a housing development in Rosemount, MN.

The Super Show
Las Vegas, NV

At left is Rob Righter (center) manning the Nova Sports USA booth at the Super Show in Las Vegas.

Standing with Rob is Konrad Sobecki and Andrzej Wojcik of Tamex S.A., Novaís Exclusive installer for Poland.

We made some great contacts at this years show and appreciate visiting with all of you who stopped by our booth.

Rust Controller

Rust bleeding and staining on sports surfaces seems to be a growing problem for contractors.

In some places, it is not always possible to get aggregates for pavement that are free of iron traces. Itís not a problem on pavement that is not coated with colored materials, but owners are not happy when their tennis court or track has these rust colored stains all over the pavement. Ben had an idea for a resurfacer that could tie up the rust within the coating and prevent the stain from appearing in subsequent coats. We made samples and have tested this product in our lab on a few test patches.

Itís not our intention to fix the rust stains on every site that has this problem, but we feel it will reduce the number and severity of the staining and may prevent rust stains from reoccurring. This coating is a modification of Novasurface. We do not know if one or two coats are necessary. Your feedback will help us make that determination.

If you are having this problem and are willing to take a chance, we will be accepting orders soon. Our plan at this time is to make this coating available only to applicators that use Novacrylic materials on a regular basis. We are not out to solve the problems of our competition.

Benís Corner

Itís hard to believe that on the 8th of April we still had several inches of that cold white stuff on the ground! Not very conducive to making definite plans to get the boat in the water. Still, itís nice to have the darkness come an hour later this week even if the sun does not shine. Iím glad Iím not a contractor. Oh, but if the weather isnít good for the contractors, it sure isnít good for Nova. You know, it seems that every spring is like this and we just seem to forget from one year to the next. Must be that we are anxious to get going.

The operation here at Nova Sports USA seems to be better than at any time in the past. Hopefully, the causes of previous problems have been removed and production seems to be flowing much smoother than in the past. Quality control procedures have been tightened and shipments are being checked, and double-checked.

The majority of Nova customers never experienced any problems. If you are one of the folks who did have problems in the past, you shall notice a big improvement.

Our suppliers are barraging us with price increases and surcharges. Itís not possible for us to absorb all of these increased costs, but we are holding off as long as we can. Hoping that if the war ends soon the price of energy will drop and the energy surcharges will reduce or disappear.

When we are forced to adjust prices, it will be the absolute minimum increase possible.

I am surprised at the amount of work Novaís customers seem to have on the books already. 2003 may actually turn out to be a better than average year for the sport surfacing industry and Nova Sports USA.

I get itchy every year at this time and just canít wait until the action starts in earnest. You probably feel the same way. Got to get some excitement going. Iím looking for Nova and angling to supply mine. The Red Sox have let us down too often. But, this could be our year!

If there is any way that Nova Sports can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

They have me set up so that I can do some of my work at home. Not yet on my boat, ďMolly BĒ.

Have a great surfacing season, and enjoy the good weather and news that is ahead.


Tech Tips:

Save your back!  Contractors that mix materials in drums should try using our handcrafted 5-gallon pail shelf, catalog #2165.  This pail shelf is made exclusively for Nova Sports USA and will make your job easier moving product from drums to buckets.  Use of this shelf will allow you to keep the dipping pail in the drum, eliminating spilling and dripping on to the ground.  Pail shelves are in stock for immediate delivery.

Remember to add water slowly when mixing materials.

Fred Farrell, formerly of Maine Tennis, stops by Nova Sports USA to chat with Ben and the Nova Team.  Fred has recently started a sports surfacing consulting company and is actively involved in sports surfacing consultations nationwide.  We welcome visitors anytime here at Nova Sports, so just call us and come on down!


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