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Deerfield Academy

Deerfield, MA

Congratulations to Bill Clark and No Fault Tennis and Track for building the new Ultracushion tennis courts at Deerfield Academy.  There are eighteen post tensioned concrete courts which are being surfaced with the Ultracushion system.  The pictures above show a fresh coat of Ultracushion which was applied in sections using a spray pump apparatus.  Using a spray pump yields a more uniform application. Look for completed pictures in the “Court of the Month” section of our website in the coming months!

Play faster!

New Nova System Receives Fast-Pace Rating By The ITF

Sparked by the request of the tennis coach at a major university who wanted his team to play on a faster surface, Nova Sports developed this system for “tournament level” play.

Officially approved by the ITF for fast-pace play, this new system consists of one coat Novasurface, one coat Combination surface, and two coats of Novacoat.

Download the full CSI installation specification from our website today!


We’re very pleased to report that we’ve completed our next generation CD-ROM. Complementing our revised guidebook and CSI installation specifications, this auto-loading CD-ROM takes advantage of the easy to use Adobe Reader system found on almost every computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, a copy is provided for easy installation right from the CD.

Using the auto-loading Table-Of-Contents, navigating this CD is easier than ever! Included on the CD is all updated product sheets, CSI installation specifications in both MS Word and Adobe, accessories catalog, materials yields program, and more!

Call or email today to request your free copy.

Lexington Tennis Center

Thanks to Frank Larkin of HB Jones for sending us great photos of Lexington Tennis Center (above), recently resurfaced with Canadian Violet Combination surface. Great job!

Protect Yourselves!

A contractor cannot be responsible for poor workmanship or bad materials used by someone in the past. Sports surfacing contractors occasionally run into problems because owners attempt to hold them responsible for situations that may be beyond control. This is most common in “redo” work. Most of these problems are related to crack repair, delamination, birdbaths, or blistering of the old surfaces (see example at right).

Some contractors have verbiage in their contracts, or proposals, that disclaims responsibility for these preexisting conditions and problems. You can save yourself a lot of time, aggravation, and expense, by giving some thought (if you are not already doing this now) to adding such disclaimers to your documents. There are conditions and outcomes which are impossible to predict, so you should protect yourself, and your company, before they occur.

Another situation that is often seen, is when the owner has paved the area to be coated. The paving job may be sub-standard, and the coating applicator is then expected to take care of all defects. Inspection and acceptance of the pavement should be done prior to beginning surface work. This step, if incorporated in your proposal, can reduce hassles and aggravation.

New Nova Color Born in Memphis!

Introducing the birth of a brand new Nova Color, Navy Blue (704NB)! This new color is an exciting addition to the family of standard Nova colors.

This year many contractors were singing the blues looking for a dark blue Nova coating with UV protection. By using stock pigments, we are now able to offer Navy Blue as a low-cost-alternative to special colors (the cost is slightly higher due to the amount of pigment required to tint).

The first Navy Blue installation was performed on a basketball court in Memphis, TN by Derrick Barton Tennis Construction. Look for a picture in the “Court of the Month” section of our website in the coming months! Actual samples of Navy Blue are available upon request.

Another Happy Customer!

This picture was sent to us, via email, by a very happy customer of Do-It-Right Co., Ohio, with the note “I cannot imagine a more professional couple”. Congratulations to Ron & Donna Marsh (above), keep up the great work!

Jimmy Fund Cancer Walk

Boston, MA

The Jimmy Fund supports the fight against cancer. Helping to raise the survival rate of children and adults with cancer around the world since 1948, hundreds of Jimmy Fund events coupled with the generosity of thousands of people has helped save countless lives by furthering cancer research and care. On September 29th, Bill Righter and his family (above) raised over $8,000 for Jimmy Fund!


Trade Show Schedule

Nova Sports USA is on the move!

Below is our Trade Show Schedule for the upcoming months. We hope to see you if your in the area!

November 7-9, 2002 December 7-9, 2002 January 20-23, 2003
11th Annual Sports & Fitness Facility Expo United States Tennis Court & The Super Show
Orange County Convention Center Track Builders Technical Meeting Sands Expo Center
Orlando, FL Rosen Plaza Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Booth Number 302 Orlando, FL Booth Number 5245C

Ben’s Corner

As the season winds down, I cannot help thinking, “what a weird year.” The rain during the spring was non-stop. Then, the east coast went into drought and never-ending heat wave. Nothing we can do about that. These extremes all fall into averages. All we can do is wait for more favorable weather.

Most disturbing to me was that Nova Sports had more problems with batches of below standard materials shipped this summer than all previous years combined. We have made no changes to our formulations, nor changed our raw material suppliers. A lot of time is being spent trying to learn how these batches may have fallen out of our batch testing parameters. To date, none of the answers satisfy me. My main suspect is sloppy workmanship on the part of several production workers that are no longer employed here.

The goal of Nova Sports USA is to provide the finest acrylic sport surfacing products available anywhere. Prior to this summer, I felt that we were achieving this goal. In 2002, we fell short of our commitment and all of us here are upset and embarrassed by the problems some of our contractors have endured. None of our problems are due to any skimping on the ingredients used in our materials. Some may be the result of rushing, carelessness, or equipment malfunctions. We are committed to ending this problem.

To further complicate the situation, there is a worldwide shortage of MMA. This is a major ingredient in all of the acrylic emulsions purchased by Nova. Our supplier has issued us allocations. Because our sales have grown, this has not yet caused us any delays. The allocation is based on a percentage of prior purchases.

I am grateful to all of you who have experienced problems, for the way you have cooperated with us during this difficult period. Hopefully we shall eliminate these problems. If not, then the next time you and I meet, maybe in a supermarket, I may be asking you “paper or plastic?”.

If you have any questions concerning the above, or would just like to chat, please call me at 800-USA-NOVA. I hope to see you at the Orlando Technical Meeting. If not, I wish you a great holiday season and thank you for your support.

  Tech Tips:

Spring forward / Fall Back. The sun is setting sooner now, so please be aware of when it is, and when it is not okay to apply Novacrylic products. Coatings should only be applied when the surface temperature is 50 degrees and rising, or the air temperature is 55 degrees and rising.

This time of year, we strongly recommend applying only one coat per day. Do not rush coats, as this may create failure. The best time to work is after the morning dew is gone. Stop working at least three hours before the sun sets because once the sun has set, the curing process stops.

How can you tell if your new tennis court’s surface has cured?

The easiest way to tell is by using the wet towel test. Place a wet towel on the court’s surface for several hours. Remove the towel and rub your fingernail on the area. If the coating stays intact, then the surface has cured.


Bill Righter Reelected to Board of USTC & TBA

Congratulations Bill Righter of Nova Sports USA for being reelected a board member of the USTC & TBA. Bill will represent the Associate Affiliate Members for another two-year term!

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