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Pro-Am in Georgia

With many nationally ranked players, the Chattahoochee Plantation Tennis Center (above) in Marietta, GA is the home of The Universal Tennis Academy. Originally built in 1961, it was recommended that these courts be bulldozed. Instead, RMJ & Associates, Inc., also of Marietta, GA, repaired and then resurfaced these eleven courts with the Novacrylic Combination Surface system. Having been returned to quality playability at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding, these courts recently hosted a Pro-Am tournament which the competitors gave high marks to.

Five Local Teens Fund Skate Park Restoration

Stone Park, Ashland, MA

Thanks to the unbelievable fund raising efforts of five dedicated Ashland teenagers, the conversion of two tennis courts into this new extreme skate park (at left) is nearing completion.

Through various events including movie night in the park, bake sales, car washes, and other town related fund raising schemes including going to local businesses for donations, these five organized teenagers have raised an unbelievable $37,000. The Town of Ashland also contributed $5000 to the Stone Park Recreation Fund.

The tennis courts were resurfaced with two coats of Novaplay and preliminary skate equipment is already in place. The skate park is still waiting for another set of skate ramps for the right side of the court.

Now if we can just get them to wear their helmets!

Nova Worldwide:


Congratulations to TAMEX, our Exclusive Distributor in Poland! Through their hard work and dedication, Novacrylic products have passed performance tests and have won technical approval by the Institute of Construction in Poland.

Congratulations to Jose Lizardo of Anchor Lumber & Supply for winning the first Novacrylic contract in the Philippines! After months of hard work in breaking a very tough market, Jose has contracted four Combination surface tennis courts and one Novaplay swimming pool walkway area.

Congratulations Team Nova of Costa Rica: Manuel Hidalgo, and MH Recubrimientos in recently completing their 50th tennis court project.

Novaplay: It’s Not Just for Basketball Anymore

Above are just two of the several crosswalks, located at a major Massachusetts business, surfaced with Novaplay Classic Green over one year ago. Other crosswalks in the center of Winchester, MA have been surfaced in Novaplay Terra Cotta.

We believe that Novaplay can actually be a better choice than typical street paint for crosswalks as the tough acrylic will stand up to constant foot traffic without fading or wearing.

Thank you to Acme Maintenance & Supply Co. of Wakefield, MA for helping us acquire these photos!

Product Specifications Revamped

Having recently finished the complete overhaul of our full product catalog, “A Guide To Quality All Weather Sport Surfaces” at the beginning of this year, we have now completed the rework of its counterpart, the Novacrylic Product Specifications.

We are pleased to announce that these two reworks are now available in one handy, easy-to-understand, two section hardcover guidebook by simply calling us toll free at 800-USA-NOVA and requesting one .

Please see our recent “...WE WROTE THE BOOK” full-page advertisement (right) in the July/August issue of Tennis Industry magazine.

Bowditch Field - Framingham, MA

Above are two basketball courts recently resurfaced with Novaplay by East Coast Sealcoating. As you can see, the resurfacing is a big hit with the local kids. Looks like a 7 on 6 game happening…we’d call that a foul down low!

Private Residence -

Above is a basketball / tennis court at a private residence in Connecticut surfaced with Sand Dune Novaplay. Thanks to Basil D. Rissolo Co., Inc. for sending us this great photo!

Ben’s Corner

It seems like every year the weather is different and we say “Never seen such a rainy spring” or hot spell, etc.. The last three days have been extremely strange. We have had smoky days. The wind has carried smoke from forest fires in Quebec all the way down the east coast. The smoke has almost hidden the sun and has cut visibility down to about 3/4 of a mile on the water in Cape Cod Bay. One can even smell the smoke. Don’t know if this has any impact on tennis court surfacing, but it has been weird.

So far, our sales are holding up and we are a little ahead of last year. Many contractors have complained that the weather in their area has prevented them from working this spring. Hope it improves and everyone can catch up!

Did you ever think that Ted Williams would end up as a popsicle? He was my number one sports hero and no matter what his son does, his image will remain as the greatest ball player in my memory.

The Nova Sports USA plant is a year old now. It is functioning smoothly and producing more of the best acrylic sports surfacing materials available anywhere.

Keep your eye on the Red Sox. It really is our year!

Tech Tips:

1: From batch to batch of color coatings, slight variances in shade may occur. By using the same color pigments all the time and exercising tight control over recipes, Nova Sports is minimizing these variations in shade as much as possible. You can prevent customer complaints by mixing all coatings thoroughly and using all of the same batch number on the final coat. The batch number is always indicated on the drum. If these steps are taken, color variation problems will not be an issue.

2: During hot summer days, the temperature of the surface may be well above 100 degrees! Try not to work in direct sunlight during the hottest time of the day. If this is not possible, we strongly recommend misting the court surface with water prior to applying any coatings. This will cool the surface down and make for an easier application.

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