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New Facility

The new Nova Sports USA facility (pictured at right) is now up and running, ready for its first season of supplying the highest quality sports surfacing products available anywhere. With our new, customized mixing and production equipment and our greater storage capacity, we’re sure to have every color of every product available to you immediately. We anticipate a great season and look forward to satisfying every order with the best possible customer service.

Internet site updated

Along with our new facility, we are pleased to announce the overhaul of our internet site: This ongoing project has already resulted in some very helpful pages.

First, there is a new master products page with quick links to new, easy-to-understand data sheet pages for every product in our line. These same data sheet pages are also available in downloadable Adobe .pdf file format. Finally, these data sheet pages exactly match our newly updated Guidebook. More on that, page 3!

Also added to is a brand new color selection page. Now it’s easier than ever to select the right Novacrylic colors for your projects! Our new and easy-to-use “in-bounds / out-of-bounds” dual color selector will display any color combination you can imagine. Try it!

Other enhancements to include quick loading thumbnail views of our “court-of-the month” arranged by year, revamped specification pages and other graphical changes. We invite you to visit us at often as this ongoing project continues to evolve.


Now available, the Nova Sports USA Accessories 2002 catalog.

Among other accessories, our updated Accessories 2002 catalog features the new Douglas Competitor CMP45 basketball system.


Adjustable Height

  • 7.5 - 10’ adjustable rim height
  • Locking crank & removable handle
  • Labeled for easy height adjustment

Pressure Flex Movable Goal

  • Four Foot Extension
  • Designed for safety & consistent performance
  • Heavy-duty synthetic net
  • Solid steel ring, quality baked on powder coated enamel


  • 60x42x3/8” clear-view board
  • Weather resistant frame

Anchor system

  • Extra strength construction
  • Superior mounting system
  • 5” Square pole

Guidebook Undergoes Complete Overhaul

Nova Sports USA has recently finished the complete overhaul of our product catalog, “A Guide To Quality All Weather Sport Surfaces”.

In an effort to make your choice of color coating systems easier, we continue to present the NOVACRYLIC line in this unique format. We have attempted to make our new guidebook as detailed and complete as possible, while keeping it simple and to the point.

To this end, we have incorporated several new graphics (see right) making it easier to understand just where in the Novacrylic surfacing system the product in question appears .

We’ve also added a handy table of contents and product list, page numbers, and a color coding system for our product pages making it easier than ever to flip to the page you need (preparation, tennis surface, multi-sport, track, and lines & markings).

Above: Graphic from Novacushion page, new guidebook indicating that where the Novacushion layer falls in this Novacrylic surfacing system.


Customized guidebooks available!

The new guidebook is available with your company’s logo on the front cover by simply sending us your business card or emailing your logo to

New member of the Nova Team!

New to Nova Sports USA, January 2002 is Josh Harting.

As Marketing and Export Specialist, Josh will assist with all export orders and shipments. He will also provide daily marketing support for such desk top publishing projects as website development, brochure creation and advertising.

Please join us in welcoming Josh to the Nova Team!

Global Market:

Beijing Sports Equipment Show

The Marketing effort shown at right is that of our exclusive Novacrylic distributor in China, East Mount Associates.

Here at the Beijing Sports Equipment Show on April 2nd, and every day, East Mount Associates is actively working with partners in an effort to make Nova Sports USA and their products a brand name in China.

Many thanks to Louis Liu, of East Mount Associates for sending this photo.  To all our distributors and contractors worldwide:

We appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work!

Super Show 2002

Las Vegas, NV

Neither Bill Righter nor his twin brother, Rob, could tell who is pictured sitting here with Dave Marsden (left) of Boston Tennis at the Super Show 2002 in Las Vegas, NV.

Can you tell?

If so, be the first to email your guess to, or fax it to 508-473-4077 and win this fabulous six pack cooler bag!

This year’s show was better than expected as we met a few new friends, contractors and contacts from around the world.

USTC & TBA, Winter Meeting Highlights

Bill Righter, Sales Manager

This is my last year as a member of the Board of Directors for the USTC & TBA. The past two years have flown by and it was fun to be on the board. I have not yet decided whether to run again for two more years.

There are some good things happening with the USTC & TBA. The most exciting, I think, is that several synthetic flooring manufacturers want to join the Association. They could use our expertise with developing specification guidelines for their industry. The addition of this group would be a plus for the association because the membership would increase and it would give current members new opportunities.

The USTC & TBA is still very active with surface testing and is funding a study with Dr. Van Brunt from the University of Tennessee Memphis. The Tortus measures the coefficient of friction, or pace, on a tennis court. The study will test the reliability and accuracy of the Tortus. Once the test proves that the Tortus works under different conditions (weather, humidity, temperature extremes, etc.) they will then develop a testing method.

When a good test method is developed, they will then test to see how accurate the pace reading by the Tortus is in relation to what the players perceive the pace to be. This is only the beginning of a new era. Testing tennis courts in a few years will be the norm. The next USTC & TBA meeting is the technical meeting held at the Rosen Hotel in Orlando December 7th.

Ben’s Corner

Well, spring is here again. We had a mild winter. Then, spring seem to get cold and nasty until just a couple of days ago. The last three days have been above ninety degrees. It’s crazy.

I was really concerned about the impact of September 11th and the slow down in the economy. January and February, sales were terrible. Action began in March and we now are going at an extraordinary pace here in April. We have already erased the January and February deficit and are ahead of last year. Looks like we must be doing something right.

Our Novatrack product sales are growing at a nice rate. Users seem to like this item. Novatrack appears to fill a void in track work that is priced at a point many track owners find attractive. If you haven’t tried it, check it out. It may be an easy way to increase your sales.

Most tennis court builders that I have talked with are very positive about the 2002 building year. So far, the action supports the feeling.

The Nova Sports USA facility is operating in an especially efficient manner. Hopefully it will continue or improve as the season progresses.

We held our prices at last years level. Many of the materials used in our coatings are petroleum based. Early in the year, oil prices were low. We all know what is happening now. As of now, our material costs have remained stable. We are hoping it will remain stable through the season.

All of us are looking forward to servicing your surfacing needs. Please contact us if we may help you in anyway.

Again, I extend an invitation to visit Nova Sports USA if you are in our area. We are located right off a major highway (Route 495). We welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of the most modern acrylic surfacing plant anywhere.

Have a wonderful spring and summer.

Tech Tip:

When thinning our concentrated materials, it is important that all of the water is not added at once. The best procedure is to add a little water and mix until it is accepted. Then, add and mix a larger quantity of water. After this is accepted, the rest of the water should mix in evenly and a smooth mixture will be achieved.

The reason the above method is suggested is that we build the maximum water resistance into our coatings. Therefore, they will resist the addition of water and may be shocked when too much, or water that is too cold, is added.

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